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E-Waste: The Global Concern

In the last decade we’ve witnessed a proliferation of technical innovation that has made computers, smart phones and other electronics affordable, and ultimately, ubiquitous. We’ve embraced the world of consumer electronics with open arms, but their effect on our world has not been so welcome. Towards the end of 2013, the UN was issuing warnings […]

January 20th

Solar Power is Truly a Bipartisan Solution

If you’re at all like me, then you might find listening to the rhetoric being spat back and forth between republicans and democrats to be a bit nauseating. According to our elected officials, whatever ails our country (un-employment, healthcare, social security, climate change, lack of education etc.) is always the “other guys” fault , or […]

December 1st

The Artificial Price Point on Energy

There is a term that is often used in the debate of renewable energy whenever there is discussion of adding tax credits for renewable energy or when the cost of energy from renewable sources is discussed. Typically it is being said by somebody that is pretending to back the use of renewable energy or expansion […]

July 24th