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Help fight Climate XChange fight climate change – “Make a difference, win a Tesla”

A new UN report released this month warns of the serious and irreversible consequences of global warming if we do not enact “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society.” A crucial policy the world’s leading climate scientists say will drive the move towards a low-carbon economy and help us reduce emissions, is putting […]

October 22nd

New Legislation Makes Illinois a Clean Energy Leader (+ Tesla Model X Raffle!)

Right now, the state of Illinois is ranked 34th in the nation in terms of clean energy production, according to Energy.gov. However, all of that is about to change: the Illinois state legislature recently enacted the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA). By Nicola Brown, Program Associate at the Illinois Solar Energy Association* (Sponsored Content) This policy […]

October 26th

EVs and the Grid Summit – Improving the electrification of the US transportation system

The EVs & the Grid Summit* will bring together regulators, utilities, city planners, OEMs, charging station hosts, and others to discuss vehicle-grid integration (VGI) and the electrification of America’s transportation system. You should be there! (Sponsored content) Infocast’s EVs & the Grid Summit, set for October 17–19, 2017, in San Francisco, California, will create partnership […]

August 29th

Vote with Your Utility Bill for Wind Energy

Vote with your dollars (and your utility bill) to show that you support renewable energy. Learn how Arcadia Power makes it easy to support renewables.

August 11th

E-Waste: The Global Concern

In the last decade we’ve witnessed a proliferation of technical innovation that has made computers, smart phones and other electronics affordable, and ultimately, ubiquitous. We’ve embraced the world of consumer electronics with open arms, but their effect on our world has not been so welcome. Towards the end of 2013, the UN was issuing warnings […]

January 20th

Solar Power is Truly a Bipartisan Solution

If you’re at all like me, then you might find listening to the rhetoric being spat back and forth between republicans and democrats to be a bit nauseating. According to our elected officials, whatever ails our country (un-employment, healthcare, social security, climate change, lack of education etc.) is always the “other guys” fault , or […]

December 1st

Confirmation Bias: Media Takeovers, Rewriting History, and Inventing the Future

Three headlines this week drove home a point that I often make when discussing politics with friends. That point is a psychological phenomenon known as confirmation bias (a subset of cognitive bias), and it’s one of the most powerful forces at play in the world today, especially with regard to the increasing extremism of the Republican party […]

November 26th

The Artificial Price Point on Energy

There is a term that is often used in the debate of renewable energy whenever there is discussion of adding tax credits for renewable energy or when the cost of energy from renewable sources is discussed. Typically it is being said by somebody that is pretending to back the use of renewable energy or expansion […]

July 24th

More Efficient Wind Power Builds Towards Renewable Future

So far, the story of US renewable energy transformation has skipped a key chapter, which is the exploitation of our massive offshore wind power potential.

June 17th

Air Pollution Now Melting Snowpack Quicker, Study Shows

A new study shows that pollution from automobiles and coal-fired power plants is contributing to the melting of mountain snowpacks up to a month early, thereby exacerbating water shortages and other problems across the arid western United States.

January 28th