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COVID19 could end our dependence on cars — if we ‘Build Back Better’

When discussing low-carbon transportation and the question of why cars play such a dominant role in our society, it is often tempting to fall back on a comfortable and familiar answer: We drive cars because we like them! The COVID19 pandemic, however, has radically disrupted people’s travel habits, with uncertain outcomes for car use. On one […]

Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities

Globally, only one in 50 new cars were fully electric in 2020, and one in 14 in the UK. Sounds impressive, but even if all new cars were electric now, it would still take 15-20 years to replace the world’s fossil fuel car fleet. The emission savings from replacing all those internal combustion engines with […]

March 30th

LeBron James isn’t just promoting EVs – he’s also pushing biking

LeBron James brought a lot of attention to GMC recently by appearing in a Super Bowl commercial for the company’s coming Hummer EV. The vehicle and the commercial are surely exciting to some people and meh to others. No doubt about it, though, it’s great to see electric versions of any vehicle model since electrifying transport is […]

February 7th

Why traffic deaths are increasing for cyclists and pedestrians in US cities

As cities strive to improve the quality of life for their residents, many are working to promote walking and biking. Such policies make sense, since they can, in the long run, lead to less traffic, cleaner air and healthier people. But the results aren’t all positive, especially in the short to medium term. In Washington D.C., […]

February 23rd

Can we cut US transportation energy in half (in 30 years)?

Audi of America President Scott Keogh and National Grid US President Dean Seavers are the chairs of the Alliance to Save Energy’s 50×50 Commission, a campaign to cut US transportation energy use by 50% by 2050. Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto (D) and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price (R) are members of a diverse coalition including manufacturers, consumer […]

November 9th

See You In Paris! — Talkin’ Bikes, Electric Scooters, & Electric Carsharing At Autonomy

One of the coolest events in the world — Autonomy — is coming up in a couple of weeks in Paris (that’s in France, in case you haven’t heard of the city). I will be moderating two discussions there, but not the typical EV industry or solar industry stuff that I’m often tapped for. By Zachary Shahan  Autonomy […]

October 7th

Bikesharing saves DC hundreds of millions of dollars

Did DC’s bikeshare help, or hurt, the city’s congestion problem? Some people have claimed that the bicyclists using Capital Bikeshare were former pedestrians and metro travelers, so didn’t really replace automobile traffic. In this way, bicycles may have even added to the congestion. But a recent study by Timothy L. Hamilton and Casey J. Wichman supports the opposite […]

October 2nd