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Zero Emission Transportation Association says Biden can get us to 100% EV sales in 10 years

The Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) has issued a policy platform with 34 recommendations for adoption by the incoming Biden-Harris administration and the 117th Congress to phase out tax credit limits on sales of electric vehicles (EV) by 2030. By Meteor Blades ZETA’s first recommendation would reform the federal EV tax credit. Currently, this lets EV buyers get up […]

March 31st

GM rocks automotive world with vow to go 100% EV by 2035

Just six months ago, General Motors Co. was embroiled in a battle with California over stricter Obama era tailpipe emission rules that the Trump regime was fighting in a legal battle. And then, two weeks after Joe Biden won the presidency, GM withdrew from the litigation. And now, two months later, Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra has jolted […]

February 1st

Renewable Roundup: More good news about Electric Vehicles

Here is a hybrid car that can do 0-300 km/hr in less than 12 seconds, and other assorted news about electric vehicles. I am working on a production process for these new Renewables and EV Diaries so that I can set a schedule for publishing them. (Times below are from when I captured this feed, […]

January 14th

Renewable Roundup: What will the Biden Administration mean for electric vehicles?

Cars, car battery swap stations, trucks with solar-powered refrigeration, e-bike parking, 107 meter wind turbine blades, carbon-neutral rocket fuel. And we can look forward to the Biden climate agenda starting in less than two weeks, assuming that we survive that long. By Mokurai  Hyundai and Apple are in talks to jointly develop self-driving electric cars […]

January 13th

Massachusetts plans 100% EVs by 2035 by phasing out gasoline-powered cars

Massachusetts to phase out gasoline-fueled car sales by 2035: It’s part of Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2030, which is designed to reduce the state’s carbon emissions 45% below 1990 levels by 2030 on the way to net-zero emissions by 2050. By Meteor Blades This, like moves in a few other states, notably California, […]

January 12th

Twenty-eight companies join forces to push for all EV car sales by 2030

With names like Tesla, Lucid, PG&E, ConEdison, and Uber, the companies have formed the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) to seek 100% EV sales in just 10 years. Not only passenger cars, but the entire line-up of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles. By Meteor Blades That’s more ambitious even than California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s September executive move to […]

December 3rd

Like climate deniers claiming to care about ‘polluting EVs’, pesticides try to rebrand as climate champs

On Tuesday, E&E ran a piece by Maxine Joselow that makes full use of italics to beg the question in a headline: Is widespread EV use really bad for the climate? No, electric vehicles are not bad for the environment, Joselow explains via all the actual experts who criticized the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s new report claiming that more EVs would […]

November 21st

Big oil denies that Ford and GM funded denial as new study demonstrates impact of those campaigns

On Monday, Maxine Joselow at E&E published an extensive investigation into the climate research done decades ago by Ford and GM scientists, and the auto giant’s decision to fund denial organizations in the ‘90s to oppose climate action that might cut into their gas-guzzling SUV sales, specifically things like the Kyoto Protocol. Ford gave over a million […]

October 29th

4 Reasons to Prioritize Electric Vehicles After COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected almost all aspects of transportation. For the public sector, economic shutdowns have gutted the tax revenue needed to buy and maintain government vehicle fleets. Perhaps no municipal entity has been hit harder than public transit agencies, which have seen ridership plummet by up to 97%. Some transit operators are close to bankruptcy, while some bus […]

October 23rd

Tesla delivered a record number of cars in the third quarter

• Tesla delivered a record number of cars in the third quarter: While the big U.S.-based car makers saw sales improve in the third quarter compared with the first half of the year, they were still well behind a year ago. By Meteor Blades Ford was down 4.9% year over year, GM was down 10%, the American division of Honda […]

October 8th