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Earth Matters: Tesla delivered nearly a million EVs in ’21

Tesla delivered more than 936,000 EVs in 2021. That’s an 87% gain over 2020. By Meteor Blades Tesla had hoped to have its giant new Giga Berlin factory cranking out electric vehicles by October, but the German government’s review and approval of final permits is still weeks, perhaps even a couple of months away. Although construction […]

January 8th

WaPo imagines EVs stuck in snow instead of gas cars (Echoing climate and science-denier trolls)

No one wants to get stuck in traffic. Or in the snow. Getting stuck in an all-day traffic jam because it snowed, well, that’s pretty much the worst. And that’s exactly what happened in Virginia this week, when thousands of people spent all day stuck on the highway after a severe snowstorm turned a jackknifed […]

Actually, you WOULD be better off getting stranded In the snow in an EV

You don’t see whether it’s a wind turbine or gas turbine that sends the electrons to your home, you just plug in your appliances. But lots of people have a very personal relationship with the internal combustion engine, in that the car remains a steadfast relic of mid-century (manly) Americana that we just can’t seem […]

December 20th

Evangelicals call on EPA to strengthen car emission standards – It’s the pro-life path!

On the final day of comments, 15,750 pro-life Christians submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in support of its proposed rule to strengthen the emissions standards for passenger cars and light trucks. The rule, if implemented, would significantly curb greenhouse gas emissions from America’s tailpipes for all model year 2023-2026 vehicles. By the […]

EVs cost MUCH less to operate (unless you make somebad-faith BS assumptions)

Last week, the Detroit Free Press covered a report from Anderson Economic Group that claims that gassing up a traditional car is cheaper than recharging an electric one, based on its CEO Patrick Anderson’s experience with the electric Porsche Taycan he bought. Bad Climate Denier Roundup If it seems odd for an economic report to rely on […]

October 28th

Climate deniers are going all in with disinfo for COP26 (Sorry, Teslas really do produce fewer emissions)

As the world gears up for the COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow next week, deniers are already laying the groundwork for the disinformation they’ll peddle in a hopefully-vain attempt to recreate their success in using Climategate disinformation to disrupt the Copenhagen COP. By Climate Denier Roundup While every year brings a new and exciting display […]

October 27th

Ford’s big EV investment

Ford Motor Company announced plans on Monday to invest $11.4 billion to accelerate their electric vehicle manufacturing, the single largest investment in the company’s history. In a joint venture with its main battery cell supplier, South Korean company SK Innovation, the companies plan to build three electric vehicle battery plants along with a plant to […]

September 30th

Climate change is an infrastructure problem – map of electric vehicle chargers shows one reason why

Most of America’s 107,000 gas stations can fill several cars every five or 10 minutes at multiple pumps. Not so for electric vehicle chargers – at least not yet. Today the U.S. has around 43,000 public EV charging stations, with about 106,000 outlets. Each outlet can charge only one vehicle at a time, and even […]

August 25th

Why the feds are investigating Tesla’s Autopilot and what that means for the future of self-driving cars

It’s hard to miss the flashing lights of fire engines, ambulances and police cars ahead of you as you’re driving down the road. But in at least 11 cases in the past three and a half years, Tesla’s Autopilot advanced driver-assistance system did just that. This led to 11 accidents in which Teslas crashed into […]

August 24th

Biden’s EV executive order triggers the expected BS response from climate deniers

Last week, President Biden signed an Executive Order encouraging U.S. leadership in the clean car sector with a goal of half of all new car sales in the U.S. being zero-emission by 2030. It took them a few days, but deniers seem to have assembled their response by cobbling together a mix of old lies, new misrepresentations, […]

Biden admin to accelerate fuel efficiency, car pollution standards

The Biden administration is set to announce strengthened emissions and fuel efficiency standards and call for half of new car sales in 2030 to be either EVs or plug-in hybrids. By Nathan Kaufmann Nexus Media News The EPA and DOE rulemakings on emissions and fuel efficiency represent the Biden administration’s biggest regulatory action so far […]

August 6th

Will “Energy transition materials” be big oil’s newest buzzword to dis EVs?

An op-ed published in The Hill last week seems to adopt an unimpeachable bit of folksy, common sense wisdom, advising that we “not put all our cars in the EV basket.” By Climate Denier Roundup It was written by Bernard Weinstein, whose byline describes him as “an emeritus professor of applied economics at the University […]

IEA say rare-earth mineral supplies for electric cars must increase 30-fold to meet climate goals

At least 30 times as much lithium, nickel and other key minerals may be required by the electric car industry by 2040 to meet global climate targets, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). By Josh Gabbatiss CarbonBrief These metals are among a handful that are considered vital in the manufacture of solar panels, wind turbines and […]

How EVs can advance environmental justice: By putting low-income and racially diverse drivers behind the wheel

The global auto industry has begun a historic shift from gas- and diesel-fueled cars to electric vehicles. President Biden’s infrastructure plan seeks to speed up this transition by requesting billions of dollars to modernize the electric grid and build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations. By Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, The New School The Conversation Evidence shows that […]

Ford’s new EV F-150 pickup truck is a good thing – but the idea it’s going to crush Tesla is delusional

Last week, Ford Motor Co. debuted its Ford Lightning, an F-150 pickup truck that is all-electric. Many people went bananas. Now, they said, we’ll really see EVs take-off because we’ve got an automobile manufacturer that knows how to build a truck that looks like a truck, not that goofy futuristic Tesla Cybertruck. By Meteor Blades Before I […]

May 26th