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Prognosis for the EV revolution, 2017-2030

Most of you reading this are in agreement: electric vehicles will upend the conventional vehicle industry within the next 50 10–20 years. The pollution industry in the world of transport will be destroyed. Gasmobiles stinking up cities, garages, lungs, hearts, and minds will be retiring to scrapyards and history books. But the endgame is sort of boring […]

September 25th

Autonomous vehicles: Baidu released groundbreaking software platform

Baidu, the China-based tech giant, has released the newest iteration of its widely used open-source autonomous driving platform Apollo — which has been dubbed Apollo 1.5, appropriately enough By James Ayre Accompanying the announcement of this new release, the company revealed that it was creating a 10 billion RMB (~$1.5 billion) “Apollo Fund” — which will […]

September 24th

100% electric vehicles: 10 big corps launch EV100 campaign at Climate Week NYC

A group of new big-name businesses including Baidu, IKEA, and Vattenfall have this week parnered with The Climate Group to launch EV100, the first initiative of its kind to fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles and accompanying infrastructure. By Joshua S Hill Following in the wake of initiatives such as RE100 and EP100, the newest initiative to focus on […]

September 20th

Climate Week NYC: EV100 launches global business group to fast-track electric vehicles

A new business campaign designed to fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles (EV) and infrastructure has been launched by The Climate Group at a unique event in New York today, as business and government leaders gather at Climate Week NYC. Baidu, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Heathrow Airport, HP Inc., IKEA Group, LeasePlan, METRO AG, PG&E, Unilever, Vattenfall are the […]

September 19th

Car dealers continue to try to screw Tesla (and Tesla customers)

The California New Car Dealers Association has expanded its complaint against Tesla over the modern electric car pioneer’s use of customer referral programs. The California New Car Dealers Association has sent yet another letter to the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles explaining how cruel and unfair Tesla’s approach is. By James Ayre The new complaint specifically […]

September 18th

Electric Vehicles: Drive Electric Week kicks off across the US

This weekend kicked off the 7th annual National Drive Electric Week, which sees electric vehicle advocates taking to the streets en masse with creative new ways to spread the word about electric vehicles. The week runs September 9–17 this year, which means two fun-filled weekends packed with events. By Kyle Field  National Drive Electric Week events vary […]

September 11th

US sale of fully electric vehicles up 82% in 2017

The US market for electric vehicles has continued to grow at a rapid pace in the past year — led by California’s particularly strong electric vehicles market, of course. From January through August, national sales of 8 fully electric vehicles* grew 82%. Sales of 6 plug-in hybrid cars were up 28%. Overall, that meant sales […]

September 9th

Electric vehicles – BMW announces plans for 25 electic models by 2025

On October 1, 2013, I excitedly covered the news that BMW would eventually electrify every model in its lineup. No timeline was given, but BMW decisionmakers had basically concluded that batteries had evolved enough that BMW could publicly pronounce it would go full force into electric vehicles. By Zachary Shahan  In 2015, BMW reiterated this target, but […]

September 8th

Electric Vehicles: California backs down from $3 billion rebate plan. “More study” and $0 instead.

California, no question about it, is one of the world’s premier leaders in the transition to electric vehicles. Various California policies — not to mention startups — have been critical for stimulating more electric car production and more electric car consumer demand. A California bill was recently set to provide a further boost to electric vehicle adoption […]

September 7th

SELF DRIVE autonomous car bill passes US House

The House of Representatives has passed legislation entitled the Safely Ensuring Lives Future Deployment and Research In Vehicle Evolution Act — otherwise known to us plebeians as the SELF DRIVE act. What it does is permit car companies to test up to 100,000 autonomous cars on public roads all across America, even if they do […]

September 7th