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NY to DC in 29 minutes by hyperloop? Boring Company gets approval for first step.

Maryland governor Larry Hogan’s office says the state has issued a conditional utility permit to Elon Musk’s Boring Company to dig a 10.3 mile long tunnel beneath the portion of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway that is owned by the state. The tunnel will extend from the Baltimore city line to state highway 175 in Hanover, Maryland. The […]

October 23rd

Branson’s Virgin joins forces with Musk’s Hyperloop

Richard Branson’s Virgin Group has made a substantial investment in Hyperloop One, one of the companies pursuing Elon Musk’s dream of high speed transportation by sending pods through tubes that have a partial vacuum to reduce aerodynamic resistance. By Steve Hanley How much money did Sir Richard throw into the pot? No one is saying precisely, […]

October 21st

Tesla’s hyperloop exceeds 220 MPH in first tests

Tesla’s internally developed Hyperloop pod recently surpassed the 220 mph (355 km/h) threshold during testing, according to CEO Elon Musk. Previous to this, the top-speed record for a Hyperloop design was 201 mph, some 20 mph less — achieved by the WARR team at the Hyperloop Pod Competition very recently. By James Ayre  Tesla’s internally developed Hyperloop […]

September 3rd

Tesla’s Elon Musk want to take you NY to DC in 30 mins via Boring Company hyperloop

Not having enough to do, what with getting the Model 3 out the door, reducing space rocket turnarounds to 24 hours, and ramping up production of the Tesla Solar Roof, Elon Musk broke the Internet this afternoon with a series of Tweets about his new, new thing — The Boring Company. By Steve Hanley  Just received […]

July 21st