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EPA and Cali Coordinate New Auto Emission Standards

California has long been the pace-setter on fuel emission standards for cars. But unlike the Bush years, when the state actually had to take the Environmental Protection Agency to court to get anything done, now the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are coordinating with California to make things happen. Until today, California had […]

January 24th

Off the Rails: Expensive Fallout Continues from GOP Train Rejection

After kissing a high-speed rail line goodbye, Wisconsin’s new GOP/Tea Party Governor, Scott Walker, can kiss a bunch of jobs goodbye. Talgo, a Spanish-owned rail car company, had located a factory in Milwaukee, in anticipation of the high-speed rail line between that city and Madison. As part of an $8 billion federal initiative to stimulate business and […]

December 15th

Off The Rails: Wisconsin and Ohio’s Rejected Money Going Elsewhere

We told you last month how the incoming Republican Governors of Ohio and Wisconsin had rejected Federal money for high-speed rail lines that would have created jobs and jump-started regional economies. They put Tea Party, anti-government ideology ahead of job creation and economic development. Well, it’s now official: $1.2 billion in snubbed money will go […]

December 11th

Off the Rails: GOP Opens Reign By Killing Jobs

Hard on the heels of their election victories, new-minted Republican governors in two midwestern states are making good on campaign pledges to shut down railroad projects, turning down Federal dollars and slashing jobs. In Ohio, Governor-elect Kasich said Thursday “That train is dead,” at the same press briefing where he said his top priority was […]

November 5th

How To Make Fresh Produce More Sustainable? Actually Eat It!

There are lots of well intended efforts underway to increase the “sustainability” of fresh fruit and vegetable production.  This includes a recent announcement from Wal-Mart saying that they want to use their influence in the market to drive positive change. All these efforts focus on how efficiently farmers use land, fertilizer, fuel, electricity, water and […]

October 20th