Truth or Consequences

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‘Hunker down’ is not enough: 2021 hurricane season showed US isn’t prepared as climate-related disasters push people deeper into poverty

Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans on Aug. 29, 2021, 16 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina flooded the city. This time the levees held. Billions of dollars invested in reinforcing them had paid off – at least for part of the population. A strong similarity between Ida and Katrina still emerged: Low-income communities and […]

December 2nd

Since Congress lifted the crude oil export ban in 2015, US has dropped a climate bomb on the world

After Congress lifted a ban on crude exports in late 2015, oil and gas production in the Permian Basin soared while domestic consumption remained flat—leading to a massive build-out of pipelines and other infrastructure that culminated in the U.S. “flooding global markets” with fossil fuels at the expense of humanity, in general, and vulnerable Gulf Coast communities already […]

December 2nd

True cause of climate change revealed! “A ‘Severe Wobble’ of Earth Will Soon Reveal Hidden Planet Nibiru”

Last month, conservative propaganda shop PragerU published a video featuring Steve Koonin, and just like basically everything else he’s ever said about climate, it was swiftly fact-checked and one of his key claims about Greeland’s ice melt was found “mostly false” by Politifact. But of course Facebook’s Instagram didn’t actually do anything but put a tiny note […]

December 2nd

Citizens’ Climate Radio: Hospitality in a time of climate change

We live in a world with stronger and more frequent extreme weather events. As a result, giving and receiving hospitality is becoming the new normal for humans. By Citizens’ Climate Lobby Citizens’ Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano speaks with public theologian Jayme R. Reaves and public health expert Dr. Natasha DeJarnett (pictured above). What are […]

November 30th

California utilities refuse ‘free money’ for water debt relief

California water utilities could leave families high and literally dry by refusing to apply for nearly $1 billion in water debt relief for their customers before the December 6 deadline, Capital and Main reports. A quarter of California households were behind on their drinking water bill in August and the state’s shutoff moratorium lifts January […]

November 30th

New study reveals Arctic ocean warming for over a century

New research published Wednesday revealed the Arctic Ocean has been warming for decades longer than scientists previously understood, raising fresh concerns as the polar region faces the growing threat of a total loss of the seasonal ice that is crucial to the survival of the imperiled marine ecosystem. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams A study published in Science Advances found […]

November 27th

Melting Arctic sea ice linked to worsening wildfire hazard in western US

Arctic sea ice melt has driven an increase in “fire-favourable weather” across the western US over the past four decades, according to new research. The study, published in Nature Communications, finds that low Arctic sea ice levels during July to October have knock-on impacts in the atmosphere that push the jet stream northwards. This tends to […]

November 26th

COP26: Why politicians have little incentive to prepare for future climate change disasters

The impact of climate change and how to respond to it is the defining political debate of our era. There are two forms this response can take – reacting to environmental disasters by providing financial and technical assistance to affected areas, or adapting to the effects of global heating by preparing for future disasters. By […]

November 18th

Deadly floods devastate Pacific Northwest: How climate change is upping the ante for hourly rainfall extremes

The floods across Europe, China and the US in recent months have again brought to the fore the ability of extreme rainfall to take lives, destroy homes and displace communities. Evidence suggests climate change is causing increases in extreme precipitation, leading to a greater risk of flooding in urban areas. As a result, agencies around the world are responding to this threat by […]

November 18th

Court-ordered oil lease goes ahead – why didn’t Biden do more to block it?

>As the Biden administration moved ahead Wednesday with an auction of more than 80 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas companies—the largest-ever sale of fossil fuel drilling leases in the Gulf—climate action groups and legal experts said the Interior Department’s actions were legally dubious as well as being “dangerous” and “hypocritical.” By […]

November 18th

In ironic twist, historic floods in Pacific Northwest even shut down construction on new tar sands oil pipeline

After a summer that featured the “world’s most extreme heatwave in modern history,” which experts linked to human-caused global heating, the Pacific Northwest was inundated with floodwaters Monday, fueling fresh calls for ambitious action to combat the climate emergency. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The recent rain and subsequent flooding—which came on the heels of the COP26 climate summit in […]

November 17th

Action Alert: Tell CA to stop rubber stamping extinction! Support racial equality for salmon tribes

Last year during the height of California’s Drought, the California State Water Quality Control Board approved a plan that allowed the federal government to enact the Trump Water Plan without meeting California clean water laws, according to Regina Chichizola of Save California Salmon. This plan allowed over 80% of baby salmon to be killed in […]

November 14th

COP26 leaves too many loopholes for the fossil fuel industry. Here are 5 of them

For the Glasgow climate summit to be judged a success, a key outcome had to be that parties agree the majority of the world’s fossil fuel reserves need to be left in the ground. As recent research suggests, 89% of coal and 59% of gas reserves need to stay in the ground if there’s to […]

November 12th

Veteran’s Day: How World War I ushered in the century of oil

On July 7, 1919, a group of U.S. military members dedicated Zero Milestone – the point from which all road distances in the country would be measured – just south of the White House lawn in Washington, D.C. The next morning, they helped to define the future of the nation. Brian C. Black, Penn State […]

November 11th

Conservatives claim climate concern (While opposing climate solutions and attacking climate champions)

Were you born yesterday? Did you only recently, in the past few hours, gain sentience and become conscious? If so, the party of fossil fuel campaign contributions and climate denial has a new message for you: Conservatives take climate change seriously, and it’s actually climate activists who are anti-science! By Climate Denier Roundup Now, if you didn’t […]

November 11th