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Flood maps show US vastly underestimates contamination risk at old industrial sites

Climate science is clear: Floodwaters are a growing risk for many American cities, threatening to displace not only people and housing but also the land-based pollution left behind by earlier industrial activities. In 2019, researchers at the U.S. Government Accountability Office investigated climate-related risks at the 1,571 most polluted properties in the country, also known […]

August 3rd

Climate change is intensifying the water cycle, bringing more powerful storms and flooding – here’s what the science shows

Powerful storm systems triggered flash flooding across the U.S. in late July, inundating St. Louis neighborhoods with record rainfall and setting off mudslides in eastern Kentucky, where at least 16 people died in flooding. Another deluge in Nevada flooded the Las Vegas strip. Mathew Barlow, UMass Lowell The Conversation The impact of climate change on […]

July 30th

A case for retreat in the age of fire

Wildfires in the American West are getting larger, more frequent and more severe. Although efforts are underway to create fire-adapted communities, it’s important to realize that we cannot simply design our way out of wildfire – some communities will need to begin planning a retreat. Emily E. Schlickman, University of California, Davis; Brett Milligan, University […]

July 26th

How record-setting heat waves in cities across UK, US and mainland Europe could punish economies already reeling from inflation

Hundreds of millions of people struggled to keep cool amid a sweltering summer heat wave as cities across the U.S. and mainland Europe experienced record-high temperatures. In the U.K., thermometers topped 104 Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) on July 19, 2022, the highest ever recorded. Derek Lemoine, University of Arizona The Conversation While all this broiling […]

July 22nd

As UK bakes under hottest day on record, Greta says ‘We are sleepwalking towards the edge’

As the United Kingdom endures its hottest day on record amid Europe’s unprecedented and ongoing heatwave, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg warned Tuesday that the worst is yet to come—unless people around the world work together to dislodge the profit-maximizing economic system that is endangering life on Earth. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Hard to believe I […]

July 20th

Climate Chaos: Heat records are smashed as Europe bakes

Several countries across Europe are enduring the dangerous hot conditions that climate scientists have longed warned of and meteorologists project the brutal heatwave could last in some areas through next month. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams In 2020, the @metoffice produced a hypothetical weather forecast for 23 July 2050 based on UK climate projections. Today, the forecast for […]

July 16th

Climate Chaos: California wildfires threaten Yosemite sequoias

The uncontained Washburn Fire threatens to incinerate more than 500 mature sequoias in Yosemite National Park, forcing the evacuation of park visitors and residents of Wawona, a community surrounded by the park. By Nexus Media News Sequoias were once believed to be impervious to fire damage, but in just the last two years, wildfires fueled […]

July 12th