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Elon Musk promised LA 1,000 ventilators. He delivered 1,255.

Elon Musk has made good on his promise to help get more medical ventilators to hospitals in California to treat patients with severe COVID-19 symptoms. In its advanced stages, the COVID-19 can make it difficult for people with the disease to breathe. The ventilators help by forcing air into their lungs when they can’t do […]

March 25th

EcoRight News: The balance between climate change and the coronavirus disaster

As noted, it’s hard to find the balance between Coronavirus reporting and climate change. But a few thoughtful articles caught my attention today. Hang in there, friends! We are all in this together!   By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Coronavirus and climate change could stretch FEMA beyond its limits (Bloomberg Green): “While the disaster-response agency […]

March 24th

Pollution is down, so does that mean coronavirus is good for the planet? Sorry, NO.

As the coronavirus sickens and kills thousands, and forces millions more into unemployment, everyone is talking about it. But many should consider, well, not doing that. There are a lot of takes out there, and way too many of them are bad. By Climate Denier Roundup In addition to the public-health-professional bashing and plastic-promotion that we discussed last week, the right […]

We have NO IDEA how bad the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic will be

Josh Bivens at the liberal-leaning Economic Policy Institute writes that, even with a moderate fiscal stimulus, the coronavirus pandemic could cost 3 million jobs by summer. That’s based on Goldman Sachs’ prediction of a 1.25% economic contraction for the first half of 2020. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported Tuesday afternoon that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has warned Republican senators the economic impacts could […]

March 19th

Trump’s Coronavirus lies will be lethal to thousands – or millions

Whether chosen democratically or by some other means, a leader’s true character comes out in a crisis. It’s then that people find out whether the person they have entrusted or acquiesced to be in charge is up to the job. In a democracy, thoughtful and decisive action not only is required of leaders, but it must also be carefully explained, […]

March 15th

Coronavirus control measures aren’t pointless – simply slowing down the pandemic could save millions of lives

Anywhere from 20% to 60% of the adults around the world may be infected with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease COVID-19. That’s the estimate from leading epidemiological experts on communicable disease dynamics. Even the best-case scenario using those numbers means nearly 40,000,000 adults will be infected in the United States […]

March 12th