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How will Australia suffer under climate change? Aussies share their anxieties.

Australians shared their climate-related anxieties 10 years ago in a recently published study. The study, published in January, found that rural Australians are most concerned about “suffering under climate change.” They were concerned about suffering financially. They were concerned about suffering environmentally. They were concerned about health problems and even social challenges. By Johnna Crider Cleantechnica The […]

February 28th

Renewable energy developers ready to quit Australia over ridiculous government policies

At CleanTechnica, we like to feature all of the amazing clean energy projects taking place in Australia, despite hostility from the federal government. But there is trouble on the horizon. A lack of clear renewable energy policies from the Australian government and difficulty getting approval from the Australian Electricity Market Operator to connect new projects to the […]

February 27th

Coronavirus has slashed China’s CO2 emissions by 25%

As China battles one of the most serious virus epidemics of the century, the impacts on the country’s energy demand and emissions are only beginning to be felt. Electricity demand and industrial output remain far below their usual levels across a range of indicators, many of which are at their lowest two-week average in several […]

February 25th

Tesla offers solar help to Australia bushfire victims

Tesla is helping Australia bushfire victims with its part in the collective efforts alongside 5B, a solar provider in Sydney, and Mike Cannon-Brooks, the founder of Atlassian. The goal is to install solar panels and batteries in towns that have lost power completely due to the devastating bushfires of 2019–2020. By Johnna Crider Cleantechnica Cannon-Brookes has already donated […]

February 25th

Trump has big plans for (stealing) California’s water (to give away to millionaires)

The Trump administration plans to sign a revised biological opinion to maximize water deliveries to corporate agribusiness as Trump and Interior Secretary David Bernhardt visit California today and tomorrow. By Dan Bacher In response,  Noah Oppenheim, executive director of the Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA), and Morning Star Gali, member of the Pit […]

February 19th

All eyes on Australia as World Urban Forum urges climate action

The Australian bushfires have caught the world’s attention. They dominated the speeches by global leaders at the World Urban Forum (WUF10) in Abu Dhabi this week. The United Nations secretary-general and the executive director of UN-Habitat, the convenor of the forum, expressed their sympathy and support for the Australian people. Both highlighted the need to […]

February 18th

Fracking has led to a bust for Pennsylvania school district finances

Unconventional natural gas development has transformed American energy over the past decade. Hydraulic fracturing, often popularly referred to as “fracking,” is a process used in extracting oil or gas resources from underground formations such as shale or sandstone. In Pennsylvania and elsewhere, this has been an industrially intensive method, and wells are often drilled a mile […]

February 13th