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Trump admin exploited climate-driven wildfire disasters to help the logging industry

Earlier this month we discussed how during Australia’s devastating fires, conservatives tried to claim that it was green party forest management policies that were to blame. That is, of course, wrong. It throws us back to 2018 in the US, when Secretary Ryan Zinke and others wrongly blamed environmentalists for California’s wildfires and Trump wrongly blamed a lack of raking. By Climate […]

January 28th

Media reaction: Australia’s bushfires and climate change

Australia is currently experiencing one of its worst bushfire seasons, with swathes of the southern and eastern coastal regions having been ablaze for weeks. As the fires have spread, there has been extensive media coverage both nationally and internationally documenting – and debating – their impacts. By Daisey Dunne,  Josh Gabbatis and Robert McSweeney Carbon Brief […]

January 20th

For a flooded Midwest, climate forecasts offer little comfort

Flooding in the Midwest, triggered by an intense “bomb cyclone,” has devastated parts of the region, which has been plagued by flood events in recent decades. Floods are triggered by extreme rainfall events, often combined with ground conditions, such as saturated or frozen ground, that make it harder for water to percolate down into soil, which […]

April 9th

Climate change is already costing the Air Force billions

Greg Brudnicki, mayor of Panama City, Florida, has lived in the community for 55 years and said he has never seen a storm like Hurricane Michael. The cyclone barreled through the Florida panhandle in October, flattening beach neighborhoods and piling 20 years’ worth of debris on Panama City alone.Tyndall Air Force Base, located 12 miles […]

April 8th

Climate Change: Midwest is lost in the flood

No one can say that the floods which inundated Nebraska, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa after a hurricane-strength “bomb cyclone” were directly caused by climate change. At the same time, it would be grossly irresponsible to dismiss the role that climate change may have played in the disaster. Warmer temperatures allow the air to hold […]

April 3rd