Truth or Consequences

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Yet Another Organic Fertilizer Fraud: Should You Care?

The short answer is “no.”  Here is the longer answer: Last Thursday the president of Port Organic Products Ltd was indicted on 28 counts of mail fraud for marketing an “Organic” fertilizer that was spiked with aqueous ammonia – a “synthetic” source of nitrogen which is not allowed under the Organic rules.  Nelson had represented […]

March 12th

What killed a million sardines in California?

State fishery biologists are conducting tests on some of the million-plus sardines from the Redondo Beach Harbor in southern California to determine the cause of a massive die-off on Tuesday, March 8, according to Andrew Hughan, Department of Fish and Game (DFG) spokesman. Approximately one million dead sardines were discovered in the Redondo Beach harbor […]

March 11th

Chevron found guilty! But will they pay?

After 18 years of arduous legal battles, Chevron has finally been found guilty. An Ecuadoran court ruled that oil operations had led to massive contamination in the Amazon rainforest, and Chevron is responsible. But the giant oil company continues to play games to avoid paying to clean up its mess. The New York Times notes […]

February 16th

Do CBS’s “Eco-Ads” Violate FTC Guidelines?

CBS’s new “Eco-Ads” program could be a great way to tell consumers that companies are getting serious about making their products better for the planet. Or it could be more window dressing, more greenwashing – and in violation of FTC guidelines, to boot. On the bright side, the fact that this program exists at all […]

January 14th

Giffords Shooting: Crazy Talk Leads to Crazy Acts. Take a Stand Against Hatred.

Why did a crazy person shoot at Democratic Elected officials? Is it just because he’s crazy? Or could it just possibly be because Republican elected officials call Democrats  tyrants, power-grabbers and traitors, and talk about taking up guns and doing something about it? (For background on this story, see our previous article, “Giffords Shooting: Environmentalists […]

January 9th