Truth or Consequences

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Shopping for a Greener Planet – The Story of Electronics

Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff Project” has a new video out. As always, it’s cute, it’s informative, and it’s timely. “The Story of Electronics” is both geared toward getting folks thinking about better buying decisions as we approach the holiday shopping season… and getting them to think beyond that, toward better laws and more responsible […]

November 11th

Global Warming: GOP Deniers Launch War on Science

With the majority of the GOP caucus in denial about climate change, there was talk during the campaign about abolishing the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. But it now looks like they’ll use it instead – as a platform to smear the EPA, the Obama admistration, and climate scientists. Representative Jim […]

November 9th

Olbermann Returns! Back on Air Tuesday Night

After a couple of days of rumor – “MSNBC doesn’t need Olbermann; they’ve got a strong lineup without him” – this from MSNBC President Phil Griffin: “After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night’s program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. […]

November 7th

MSNBC Cans Olbermann. His Crime? Donated to Dems

(Tell MSNBC how you feel about this! Contact info at the end of the article) Kieth Olbermann, MSNBC’s top-rated talking head, has been suspended indefinitely. Politico broke the story today that Olbermann had donated to three Democratic Congressional candidates “I became aware of Keith’s political contributions late last night,” said MSNBC president Phil Griffin. “Mindful […]

November 5th

Creating Satans: Collective Myth Building About Monsanto, Obama etc

[social_buttons] I noticed an interesting phenomenon this week  while watching the links coming in to one of Jeremy Bloom’s recent posts on RGB.  A great deal of traffic was coming in from two referring sites that are Christianity-related. Both had previously posted links to an incendiary Pravda “article” that misinterpreted an already sensationalized statement in a […]

October 24th

I Can Haz Oilburger? Punking of Chevron Continues

We reported on Tuesday how The Yes Men (in collaboration with the Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch) had pwned big oil company Chevron’s new greenwashing ad campaign. The Yes Men are quite pleased with their results: “It’s been working: search on Chevron in the news and all you get is our spoof. $50 million spent […]

October 22nd

Too Much of a Bad Thing: Monsanto Did NOT Buy Blackwater

UPDATE: Blackwater/Xe has been sold – via a shell company and a pair of private equity firms.  So… does this mean Monsanto has actually bought in to Blackwater? Read our follow-up, “Did Monstanto Finally Buy Blackwater? There’s No Way to Know”. How do Internet lies get spread? By well-meaning people who pass things on without checking. […]

October 16th

When Fear Wins: Fallout From the “Dirty Dozen” List

[social_buttons] Experts in Nutrition and Public Health agree that a healthy diet should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  These foods have multiple health benefits because they provide dietary fiber, trace minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, and a wide variety of compounds that enhance vein health, reduce cancer risk, and bind dangerous toxins (just to name […]

October 12th

Executive Responsible for Spill Arrested!

It’s a great headline. But it’s not related to BP’s Gulf Oil disaster – nobody involved in the biggest single pollution incident in US history has even come close to being arrested, never mind going to jail. Nope, this headline is from Hungary, where a factory’s storage facility failed last week, sending a wave of […]

October 12th