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If we can put a man on the Moon, we can save the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

Scientists recently confirmed the Great Barrier Reef suffered another serious bleaching event last summer – the third in five years. Dramatic intervention to save the natural wonder is clearly needed. First and foremost, this requires global greenhouse gas emissions to be slashed. But the right combination of technological and biological interventions, deployed with care at […]

April 25th

The Challenger Disaster: What happens when politics overrides science

Today marks the thirty-third anniversary of the space shuttle Challenger disaster. Eight years ago, I wrote this piece about the way politics was more and more imposing itself on science. Unfortunately, things have only gotten worse and worse since then.  By Jeremy Bloom We’re seeing more and more science overruled by politics – in climate change, […]

January 29th

Harvey heartless: The GOP reps who voted to stiff their fellow Americans

One hundred and seven Republicans in Congress – 90 members of the House and 17 Senators – have just voted against the Hurricane Harvey relief package, which raised the debt ceiling to avoid the threat of a government shutdown. The hall of shame includes House Texans Smokey Joe Barton (TX-06), Jeb Hensarling (TX-05), Sam Johnson […]

September 13th

Giffords Shooting: Crazy Talk Leads to Crazy Acts. Take a Stand Against Hatred.

Why did a crazy person shoot at Democratic Elected officials? Is it just because he’s crazy? Or could it just possibly be because Republican elected officials call Democrats  tyrants, power-grabbers and traitors, and talk about taking up guns and doing something about it? (For background on this story, see our previous article, “Giffords Shooting: Environmentalists […]

January 9th

Giffords Shooting: Environmentalists in Crosshairs

The Tea Partiers said “If ballots don’t work, bullets will.” Today, Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was cut down by a gunman at a “Congress On Your Corner” event at a Tuscon Safeway. Federal Judge John Roll was killed in the same incident, along with a 9-year-old girl. Giffords is in critical condition with a gunshot […]

January 8th