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Mexico stands up to Monsanto – says no to GMO corn

As the US government continues to coddle agriculture giant Monsanto, the Mexican government is standing tall – turning down the company’s Genetically Modified (GMO) corn. After an 11-year moratorium on GMOs, Mexico had approved a small project with Monsanto and two other companies, but isn’t ready to go further into a full pilot program. “Corn […]

February 7th

It’s Official: Dave Barry Calls 2010 “Worst Year Ever”

Somehow, Dave Barry always manages to make his year-in-review column funnier from year to year. And with seriousness in short supply, his look back at 2010 is about what you’d expect – very silly. What follows are some of the environment-related  highlights. Read the whole thing here. Let’s put things into perspective: 2010 was not […]

January 5th

Off The Rails: Wisconsin and Ohio’s Rejected Money Going Elsewhere

We told you last month how the incoming Republican Governors of Ohio and Wisconsin had rejected Federal money for high-speed rail lines that would have created jobs and jump-started regional economies. They put Tea Party, anti-government ideology ahead of job creation and economic development. Well, it’s now official: $1.2 billion in snubbed money will go […]

December 11th

Shopping for a Greener Planet – The Story of Electronics

Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff Project” has a new video out. As always, it’s cute, it’s informative, and it’s timely. “The Story of Electronics” is both geared toward getting folks thinking about better buying decisions as we approach the holiday shopping season… and getting them to think beyond that, toward better laws and more responsible […]

November 11th

Election 2010: Lessons Learned and Mis-Learned

The ballots are cast and mostly counted, and now the post-mortem begins. What does the midterm election mean for the environment? Was this a rejection of progressives? Not so much. As Meteor Blades noted over at DailyKos, it wasn’t the Progressive Caucus that was decimated – it was the moderate/conservative Blue Dog Caucus. Only four […]

November 3rd