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Journalists fell for Charles Koch’s pathetic “rebranding” (and then he spent $1 BILLION on the 2020 election)

Hey, remember back in 2018 when Politico Magazine told us Chase Koch, son of Charles Koch, “wants to steer the conservative juggernaut his family created toward a kinder, gentler libertarianism?” Or what about in 2020, when the Wall Street Journal’s Doug Belkin helped Charles “call me ‘Chuckie’” Koch attempt to rebrand as a “philosopher and, he hopes, unifier?” […]

The Inflation Reduction Act is both an historic climate action breakthrough – and the last gasp of a dying fossil fuel oligarchy

While many environmental advocates celebrate the Senate Democrats’ climate deal this week, frontline activists and more critical voices continue to note that the legislation, whatever its promises and upsides, remains an inadequate response to the global emergency that will likely further harm communities already affected by fossil fuel pollution. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The Senate approved the Inflation Reduction Act […]

August 11th

Election 2022: Good news for climate hawks from last night’s primaries

Mostly good news, and reasons for climate hope, last night from Arizona and elsewhere. Kirsten Engel decisively won her primary! This Climate Hawks Vote-endorsed candidate goes on to face a well funded Republican opponent in one of the swingiest districts in the nation. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote Celebrate her victory with a donation to help Kirsten […]

August 3rd

Climate Hawks Vote endorses Kirsten Engel for Congress (AZ-6)

Today we’re endorsing Kirsten Engel for Congress in Arizona’s Sixth District. She wrote a critical amicus brief in Massachusetts vs EPA, a 2007 case in which the Supreme Court ordered that the EPA has authority to regulate greenhouse gasses as pollutants. This is the case that West Virginia vs EPA might overturn. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote Kirsten is deeply […]

July 7th