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Do You Believe In Ghost(Candidate)s? Meddling Kids Unmask Who’s Behind Ghost Candidates in FL

This week’s intergalactic adventure proved popular, so in the spirit of keeping things weird, today we’re going to tell you a ghost story! By Climate Denier Roundup Once upon a time (2020), in a magnificent but poorly-esteemed kingdom (Florida), it looked like Democrats might win a few key state elections, enough to tip the balance of […]

December 4th

‘Green New Deal is a winning issue:’ Michelle Wu elected Boston mayor

Advocates for far-reaching climate action applauded Michelle Wu’s victory in Boston as the city elected a new mayor who ran on a platform including a comprehensive city-level Green New Deal, combating environmental racism, and accelerating decarbonization. By Julia Conley Common Dreams Wu won more than 64% of the vote against Annissa Essaibi George, a city councilor who […]

November 4th

Action! Help the Environmental Voter Project get out the vote!

In 18 days, over 100 million Americans have an election. We know that millions of environmentalists are unlikely to vote, though, unless they get a nudge from an Environmental Voter Project volunteer…but we need your help to make those nudges. We need volunteers like you for our GOTV shifts so we can make new voters in places […]

October 16th

German election spells good news for climate action (But it’ll still be complicated)

The center-left Social Democrats took the most parliamentary seats in German elections Sunday as the center-right bloc led by longtime Chancellor Angela Merkel lost ground and the ascendant Greens—energized by the youth vote and with a focus on the climate emergency—picked up a promising number of seats with an eye towards being a crucial member of […]

September 27th

Newsom urged to deliver on climate, including fossil fuel phase-out, as California voters defeat recall

California voters on Tuesday roundly defeated an effort to recall Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, whose ouster likely would have resulted in right-wing radio host Larry Elder—a longtime climate denier who recently said the ideal minimum wage is $0—becoming the leader of the most populous state in the U.S. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams Faced with two ballot questions—whether Newsom should be […]

September 15th

Okay, we crushed the California recall, now can we fix the screwed-up recall provision?

As someone who spent 15.5 hours canvassing door to door to defeat the recall against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, I’ve got my happy face on tonight. Not least because it wasn’t a squeaker but showed strong support for the governor and achieved an honest to goodness trouncing of a specimen of one our nation’s plagues: right-wing talk radio hosts, the showmen of America’s political megachurches. […]

September 15th

Advocates claim GOP recall failure as victory for climate action – call for immediate fossil fuel phaseout

Right after a landslide victory against numerous Republican contenders in the fourth gubernatorial recall election in the nation’s history, California Governor Gavin Newsom now faces renewed calls from environmentalists to address the climate crisis. By Dan Bacher They urged him to stop all new fossil fuel permits, ending fossil fuel drilling and instituting immediate buffer zones between drill operations […]

September 15th

Voting right ARE environmental rights: What does the recent SCOTUS decision mean?

On July 13, President Joe Biden championed his support for the For The People Act, potentially the most significant voting rights legislation since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965. The Philadelphia speech was a response to the court’s decision made public just two weeks prior. Justice Samuel Alito authored the 6-3 decision in Brnovich v. Democratic […]

July 27th

Voting rights are fundamental to democracy and climate justice

It’s about to get harder for many people to cast ballots in elections. Across the country, new laws in 17 states will reduce the number of polling places, impose new ID regulations, complicate the vote-by-mail process and introduce a range of other barriers that undermine the right to vote. By Dan Lashof and Carla Walker World Resources Institute To prevent […]

July 20th

No climate legislation without voting rights (and the GOP is trying to steal YOURS)

In February, Texas Senator Ted Cruz ran off to a luxury resort in sunny Cancún, Mexico during the deep freeze that devastated millions of his constituents. But I wasn’t mad that Ted fled. What upset me was that the government let him back into our country. By Jim Hightower Otherwords Cruz is, after all, the self-aggrandizing […]

March 22nd

Why the People Who Worry the Most About Climate Change Vote In the Smallest Numbers

The 2020 election marked the first time in 20 years that Georgia sent a Democrat to the U.S. Senate, and the first time in 28 years that it swung for a Democrat in a presidential race. The results represent a signal victory for progressive organizers. While Georgia had been trending blue for years, it was […]

March 20th

Our elections are being rigged – the GOP tells SCOTUS that voting is bad

After looking into one of their main issues, I have to agree with Republicans: Our elections are being rigged. Anyone who takes an honest look can see that the electoral process is being stolen in broad daylight. By Republican lawmakers. By Jim Hightower OtherWords In state after state, GOP governors and legislators are on a rampage […]

March 13th

Environmental Voter Project helped put climate near top of national agenda

At Citizens’ Climate Lobby, we often say the solution to climate change is democracy. Well, the first step to engage with our democracy is voting. Research shows, however, that many who are concerned about the state of our climate don’t even take that initial step. In fact, tens of millions of people who identify as […]

February 23rd

“This Is Democracy’s Day”: Joe Biden Sworn In as 46th President of the United States

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as president and vice president of the United States on Wednesday, taking power amid a devastating pandemic made worse by the malfeasance and incompetence of twice-impeached President Donald Trump. WATCH NOW: Today we celebrate #Inauguration2021. Tune in as @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris are sworn in and become President […]

January 20th

Stacey Abrams walked in the footsteps of MLK: How Joe Biden won Georgia

For nearly 30 years, the state of Georgia has voted reliably Republican in presidential elections. Not since 1992 has the state backed a Democrat for president. Now, the hand recount of 2020 election ballots has confirmed Joe Biden won the state. Bev-Freda Jackson, American University School of Public Affairs The Conversation For nearly 30 years, […]

January 19th