Election 2012

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Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney! (video)

We all knew in our hearts that the Simpsons’ Mr. Burns was a team Romney supporter. Now it’s official. Of course, we’ll never know the identity of most of the billionaires pouring millions into SuperPAC attack ads, thanks to the Supreme Court and the Citizens United decision. But Mr. Burns is proud to support his […]

November 1st

Hurricane Sandy and climate change compel NYC Mayor Bloomberg to endorse Obama

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg (formerly Republican, now Independent) has been holding aloof on endorsing either candidate for president. But after Hurricane Sandy’s climate-change-fueled might slammed into his city this week, Bloomberg has decided that the issues of climate change and global warming are too important. And he has announced his endorsement of President Obama for […]

November 1st

Energy lobbyists tarring GOP wind supporters

BY TINA CASEY A lobbying group called the American Energy Alliance (AEA) has reportedly unleashed a campaign to make the wind tax credit too toxic to win the support of Republican legislators. That’s a pretty tall order considering that wind power has a broad constituency that cuts clear across party lines. About 81 percent of Congressional districts with the best wind capacity are […]

October 29th

Obama goes there! Talks to MTV about climate change…

We managed to get through three debates without either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney mentioning climate change. I can sympathize – Obama has been having a tough enough time getting re-elected; he wants to avoid anything that might turn off a few hundred thousand low-information swing-voters. And Romney, of course, was FOR action on climate […]

October 26th