Election 2016

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Cali primary – Latina climate hawk Nanette Barragan for Congress

By R L Miller In California’s 44th Congressional district, the contrast between the two leading candidates couldn’t be clearer. Nanette Barragan stands for clean air, clean water, and a better future for the working class families of her district. Isadore Hall cozies up to Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and the gambling industry. It’s a very […]

June 5th

James Howard Kunstler – Zombie election part 17

By James Howard Kunstler Support this author by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page! I hope you’re enjoying these horse latitudes of the political year, when the seas suddenly turn glassy and the Berning sun begins to roast all the diverse and inclusive hands on Hillary’s deck, who wait in anxiety for the first sign of a fresh breeze […]

Trump’s Supreme Court selections are pretty awful

By Meteor Blades Donnie Trump—who knows more about public debt, the Chinese, U.S. foreign policy and the Bible than economists, the Chinese, diplomats, and theologians—also surely knows more about the Supreme Court than the justices themselves. He also knows more about the Constitution than any constitutional scholar. He realizes that, at best, he might be able as president […]

May 19th