Election 2018

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Big oil brags about successfully buying the 2018 election (sort of)

It’s no secret that the fossil fuel industry spends oodles of money to influence the public. Rarely, though, do they take credit for manipulating democracy so that it may serve their private profit better than the public interest. After all, admitting that your industry has more or less bought off the political establishment is a […]

January 29th

GOP economic policy: Give more money to millionaires, forget everyone else

An interesting thing about politics is how you can distill so many nuanced policies down to a few core ideological opinions. Republican economic policy somehow gets a lot of flashy & colorful wrapping, but it boils down to one or two things. How can I genuinely and confidently conclude that? Well, Republicans have controlled the House, […]

December 3rd

Be Thankful: Americans elected mayors who care about climate change

Being pro-environment was a winning strategy for this country’s mayors. Twelve mayors in America’s 100 largest cities faced re-election battles during the 2018 midterms, and mayors – both Democrats and Republicans – who followed pro-environmental policies were rewarded. All six mayors who had demonstrated their commitment to the environment by signing the Global Covenant of Mayors […]

November 23rd

After losing his re-election bid, GOP climate action advocate Carlos Curbelo defends his position

Florida’s Rep. Carlos Curbelo, who distinguished himself as a leader in the GOP on climate change, rejected criticism from Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist that he lost his reelection because of his introduction of a carbon tax bill. “Those are fraudulent claims,” Curbelo told the Washington Examiner. “Those groups are as disingenuous and dishonest and corrosive to our politics […]

November 21st

Americans got to vote on lots of energy measures in 2018 – and mostly rejected them

Americans in at least seven states voted on ballot initiatives during the 2018 midterm elections. These measures targeted everything from raising targets for the share of electricity drawn from renewable energy to charging a tax on carbon emissions. Campaigns to defeat these initiatives related to energy and climate policy, financed heavily by big oil and gas companies and utilities, substantially outspent proponents. […]

November 19th

Five big climate change stories to watch as we head toward 2019

Climate change was on ballots across America this month. The results were mixed, but leave room for increased climate action in the next two years and beyond. The mantle of U.S. climate leadership has been carried by states, cities and the private sector since President Donald Trump’s 2017 announcement that he intends to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. […]

November 19th

Even after a very partisan election, climate change MUST be a non-partisan issue

The days just after an election feel like the end of a college football game and the end of a long season. The fans leave the stadium to go home. Time to put away my green and white Spartan cup and flag. The teams take a short breath and immediately begin preparation for the next […]

November 14th

California has elected a new governor, but the fight over Jerry Brown’s Delta Tunnels isn’t over yet

This past week was a doozy. While we received great news from the Delta Stewardship Council, Governor Brown is still relentlessly trying to push through his boondoggle legacy project. Speculation of potential backroom deals for the tunnels has popped up in news reporting and cryptic tweets. This is the real legacy that Brown is leaving behind, and we will make […]

November 14th

With Democrats controlling the House, a bipartisan climate solution is possible

Mark Reynolds’ op-ed in The Hill, published the morning after the 2018 midterm elections, lays out a positive vision for bipartisan climate action in the newly Democratic House. You can also read post-election statements from Mark and Danny Richter, CCL’s VP of Government Affairs, here.   By Mark Reynolds Executive Director of Citizens’ Climate Lobby As the […]

November 13th

Fossil fuel companies spend next to nothing on clean energy. (But millions to BLOCK clean energy)

Perhaps you have seen the splashy ads from ExxonMobil touting its research efforts to create clean burning bio-fuels from algae? They want you to believe the company is leading the way to a zero carbon future. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like all of its fellow fossil fuel companies, ExxonMobil is wrapping itself […]

November 13th

What Midterm 2018 means for moving beyond coal

The 2018 midterms created a lot of new opportunities – and some challenges – for our ongoing work to move the U.S. from coal to clean energy. States and cities are where we make decisions about how we produce electricity in this country, and we made progress and gained new champions in some critical places. […]

November 13th

Seven incoming governors are strong backers of renewable energy

Two-thirds of voters in Arizona fell prey to one of the most vicious disinformation campaigns in the annals of US politics last Tuesday. Bombarded by more than $25 million worth of lies bought and paid for by local utility company Arizona Public Service, they turned thumbs down on a proposal that would have required the […]

November 13th

Election 2018: Youth vote came through – 31%, biggest turnout in years, and more Democratic than ever

Democratic activists, many of them young people themselves, worked diligently the past few months to spur a big youth vote for the 2018 elections. And there was much discussion by pundits and others about how this time, unlike in past years, maybe the nation’s 18-29 year olds would cast ballots at a level much closer to that […]

November 11th

Election 2018: The year that climate change became a kitchen-table issue

It feels like a standard-issue attack ad—menacing voiceover, pulsing underscore, rust-tinted photos that signal dirt, grime, corruption. The narrator warns of a politician surrounded by “shady characters,” who is profiting off a dubious family business while running a campaign “flooded with dirty coal money.” By Jeremy Deaton Nexus Media Here’s the twist. The politician isn’t Donald Trump, […]

November 9th

EcoRight News week in review (with election notes!)

Hello, Friday. It’s been a week of ups and downs, that’s for sure. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to one night where I go to bed before ten o’clock and wake up without an alarm. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News Hello, Friday. It’s been a week of ups and downs, that’s […]

November 9th