Election 2018

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California voters hand Big Agriculture a defeat – Water bond prop 3 fails

The voters of California decisively defeated Proposition 3, the controversial $9 billion water bond backed by powerful corporate agribusiness interests, in Tuesday’s midterm election. Food & Water Action, the political affiliate of Food & Water Watch, celebrated the defeat of Proposition 3, noting that it would have favored corporate agribusinesses at taxpayer expense by funding dams and other infrastructure projects that would […]

November 8th

EcoRight News roundup for November 2

Welcome to the last Climate Week En Review before Election Day, the best day of the year. Obviously, on Tuesday we’ll be monitoring key races and will prepare an EcoRight outlook post once the dust has settled on the results. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with us. In the meantime, this Tom Petty song’s chorus feels like […]

November 2nd

Fake news: Why does Donald Trump continue to lie on basic facts about climate change and cleantech?

Let’s start off with a few things everyone can agree on (I think). Donald Trump frequently attacks investigators — at the FBI, in Robert Mueller’s special Department of Justice investigation team, and in the media. He has also routinely disagreed with confirmed climate science and has repeatedly claimed it’s a Chinese climate hoax (which, basically, […]

November 2nd