Election 2020

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Fires and hurricanes: A climate change wake-up call

About 10 days ago, I got a wake-up call. I heard a sharp crack in the middle of the night. My body tensed as I processed what was happening: A once-in-a-decade freak lightning storm. Thousands of lightning strikes ignited the dried grasses and brush left by our state’s historically dry winter, and its historically hot spring and […]

August 28th

Dismantling all the norms (Hatch Act edition)

Once upon a time, (in 2009,) climate deniers like Dana Rohrbacher were very mad at what they considered violations of the Hatch Act by NASA’s chief climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, who was encouraging people to go to a climate protest. The Hatch Act was created to prevent executive branch employees from engaging in certain political activities, because in […]

Election 2020: Green groups slam new Senate Democrats’ climate report as ‘Underwhelming and inadequate’

A climate action report released Tuesday by Senate Democrats drew disappointed reactions from green groups and progressive campaigners who say it does not do nearly enough to combat the potentially existential threat of catastrophic global heating caused by human activity. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The report—titled “The Case for Climate Action: Building a Clean Economy […]

August 27th

‘What’s radical is doing nothing’: Attacked as an extremist, Sanders condemns GOP for ignoring climate crisis at convention

As wildfires burn through California and the western United States, the Gulf Coast prepares for two potential hurricanes within a 48-hour timeframe, and record high temperatures dominate the summer, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday noted the resounding absence of any mention of the climate crisis during the first night of the Republican National Convention.   By Lisa Newcomb […]

August 26th

Election 2020: Progressives call on Democrats to ‘Do the opposite’ as Rahm Emanuel advises Biden to shun Medicare for All and Green New Deal

On the heels of a convention that featured prominent Republicans urging voters to support Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, centrist political operative Rahm Emanuel suggested two of the most popular progressive policies of this election cycle ought to be ignored by the party and its nominee. By Lisa Newcomb Common Dreams “Two things I would […]

August 25th

Renewable Roundup: GOP Convention week and the Stanford prison experiment

Clearly the big political and social shift of this year is Black Lives Matter, after centuries of systemic racism: enslavement, Jim Crow with ceremonial Klan lynchings, and lately community-sanctioned police lynchings. And Law and Order demonization, and multiple Wars on Drugs since opium in the 19th century, and all the rest, including the associated bigotry, […]

August 24th

Protect the Post Office, Protect Our Democracy

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages, and we struggle through an economic recession, the Trump administration is working overtime — but not to solve our country’s problems. No, it’s working feverishly to suppress the vote. By Michael Brune Resources from the Trump Admin. WAYS TO GIVE Donate Protect the Post Office, Protect Our Democracy By Michael BruneAugust […]

August 22nd

Climate groups furious as DNC drops plank on ending fossil fuel subsidies from Democratic platform

Environmentalists reacted with outrage late Tuesday to news that the Democratic National Committee this week quietly removed from the final party platform an amendment calling for an end to federal subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, a longstanding demand of climate activists that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris supported during the primary. By Jake […]

August 19th

Renewable Roundup: Understanding how cooperation works

To create More and Better Democrats means to increase cooperation. Punishing cooperation, even among themselves, is the declared Republican mission. The Evolution of Cooperation, by Robert Axelrod, says they lose, and recommends strategies to make it happen faster. What we want to know, of course, is when and how they lose, and how those strategies speed […]

August 19th