Election 2020

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Bill Weld calls the extinction crisis a national emergency (yes, he’s running against Trump)

Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld of Massachusetts is the first to publicly announce that the wildlife extinction crisis should be declared a national emergency. Bobby Bascomb, host of the Living on Earth radio program, recently asked Weld: “Environmental groups want to create a national emergency, essentially, around the issue of biodiversity loss. How do you […]

February 22nd

Income inequality: CBS news shocks mall shoppers using actual pie to demonstrate wealth gap

Latecomers though they be, when traditional journalists start scrutinizing economic inequality after decades of pretty much ignoring it, you know the situation has reached serious levels. CBS made its reporting on the subject more palatable and understandable than the usual dry statistics and charts used to describe the situation by using actual pies—pumpkin—to demonstrate to […]

February 6th

Climate Emergency: 8 make-or-break stories for 2020

We are now in a climate emergency and 2020 will be a critical year in the fight for the survival of the planet. The battleground is triple: climate change, biodiversity, and the ocean. What happens in one affects the other two.   by Claude Forthomme Senior Editor, Impakter Three upcoming global events are key and […]

January 28th

Election 2020: Yang drives a Tesla in campaign ad (video)

In his latest campaign ad, Andrew Yang, who is running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, drives a Tesla Model X. In a video titled “Right Now,” Yang drives the Model X around while talking about why we need someone with the experience of tackling the economic challenges of our time […]

January 25th

Koch Group giving up on politics? Not so much.

Hey remember back in 2018 when Politico ran a whole big feature about how fortunate son Chase Koch isn’t passionate about politics, and we were skeptical that it signaled the network’s direction would change as Politico suggested? Or what about in 2019 when the Washington Post ran a big piece on the Koch network’s new name and supposed shift away from […]

January 20th

Facebook gives Congress the finger and will continue to publish lies

The internet has destroyed traditional journalism. Gone are the days when John Cameron Swayze, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, or Dan Rather brought the news into our living rooms every night at 6:30. Gone are the days when Woodward and Bernstein carried the full weight of the journalistic establishment on their shoulders. Today, people get their news […]

January 12th

James Howard Kunstler: Sometimes, things turn (the boomers demolish the American Century)

A February night in 1924, in a Manhattan concert hall owned by the Aeolian piano company… the wailing, warped, and flatted clarinet glissando that opens George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blueannounced the 20th century’s self-recognition that something new was up in the world, and especially in the USA. The composer tried to represent the stupendous energy of the […]

DNC decrees No Climate Debate. Jay Inslee may ignore them.

As noted here Thursday, the top leadership of the Democratic National Committee turned down Gov. Jay Inslee’s request that one of the first four debates of the Democratic presidential candidates be solely focused on the climate crisis. Inslee joined the race for the Democratic nomination specifically to ensure that the crisis gets the attention that in the […]

June 13th

Trump slams democracy, free press, law enforcement and war heroes. But he LOVES dictators…

It’s a real surprise that some Americans still support Donald Trump. He has vehemently attacked just about everything America is supposed to stand for — democracy, freedom of speech, the rule of law, patriotic heroes of justice, the FBI’s search for justice, former US presidents and vice presidents of both parties, racial equality and religious freedom, […]

May 29th

Bernie Sanders comes out and says it: End Fossil Fuels

This week, Sanders made a rather stunning proposal on behalf of himself and his supporters: “We say to Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry that climate change is not a hoax but is an existential threat to our country and the entire planet — and we intend to transform our energy system away from […]

April 19th