Election 2020

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Oil oligarchs are ruining the world and murdering journalists. What are you going to do about it?

I’d normally save a piece like this for the weekend, but the news this morning was disgusting. In case you missed it, one of Donald Trump’s closest friends and advisors, head of his under-investigation inauguratal committee, basically gave Saudi Arabia a pass on murdering and dismembering a Washington Post journalist, US resident Jamal Khashoggi. By Zachary Shahan […]

February 15th

Stacey Abrams SOTU response opens doors to Democrats across Southern States

In a brief, direct and optimistic speech about fighting immigrant scapegoating, racism and voter suppression, Stacey Abrams celebrated diversity in her Democratic rebuttal to Donald Trump’s divisive 2019 State of the Union address. “We will create a stronger America together,” she said. Stacey Abrams is the first African-American woman to deliver a State of the Union response […]

February 6th

SOTU: Trump ignores climate change in state of disunion speech

What an extraordinary buffoon America has chosen for its leader. As the world is rocked by one climate induced disaster after another, the President of the United States devoted 82 minutes of his SOTU speech last night to fueling hysteria about black and brown people, claiming they are an existential threat to the nation while […]

February 6th