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Putting the Brakes on Natural Gas Fracking

Fracking, the process of blasting deep rock strata to release methane that can then be pumped to the surface and sold as natural gas, is one of the ugliest innovations the energy industry has come up with. And unlike the ugliness of the Alberta Tar Sands, fracking takes place in pristine rural farmlands of the […]

December 13th

New Documentary Trailer: “Revenge of the Electric Car”

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since the release of Who Killed the Electric Car. And hard to believe how much has turned around in that short time – back then, electric cars were being destroyed, not built. Now, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. In Revenge of the Electric Car, director Chris […]

December 10th

Uncool – Climate Skeptic’s Documentary Flops

It was supposed to be the middle-of-the-road answer to the “global warming sensationalism” of Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”. But “Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg’s un-scary climate change documentary, “Cool It”, appears to be anything but sensational. It opened this weekend to the rousing reception of a tree falling in the forest with nobody there. It took […]

November 15th

Bill Maher on Offshore Drilling: “F*ck Your Jobs!”

Wow. Bill Maher weighs in on the debate over offshore drilling, and specifically the issue of whether or not a deepwater offshore drilling ban will be a job-killer.

“You know, maybe your job needs to go when it starts killing things. Maybe this whole mess is a sign that people who work in the oil industry should look into producing something else that’s less immediately harmful… Yes, the oil industry creates jobs. So does the kiddie porn industry.”

June 14th