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Zaproot: How Dirty is Clean Coal?

This week our friends at ZapRoot take an exhaustive look at the elusive clean coal. In short, the reality of clean coal is that it doesn’t exist and now ZapRoot has jumped into the mix with does some more entertaining debunking of the clean coal myth. Don’t blink at the beginning because you’ll miss a […]

January 14th

The 2008 Presidential Election in Six Minutes [video]

Haven’t had enough of the 2008 presidential election? Well, you’re in luck. The folks over at Talking Points Memo have compiled the highs and the lows, the soundbites, and, of course, the Joe the Plumber references and condensed them into one six-minute video. [youtube=]

December 17th

Is Sarah Palin Really “…one of the foremost experts in this nation on energy issues?” [w/video]

A day after the second presidential debate, John McCain and Sarah Palin sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss, among other things, energy policy. In the interview, Mccain said Gov. Palin was “…probably one of the most foremost experts in this nation on energy issues.” While Palin may have some exposure to the politics and business of oil and gas in her home state of Alaska, I struggle with the idea that she should be considered a foremost expert on energy.

October 10th