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New documentary “Invisible Hand” on the Rights of Nature movement

Ahead of the global premiere of Invisible Hand—which its creators are calling the world’s first documentary film on the Rights of Nature movement—some U.S. campaigners fighting to grant ecosystems legal status as rights-bearing entities welcomed the Democratic Party’s recent gestures toward their demands but warned against watering down the movement’s vision. By Jessica Corbett Common […]

September 19th

Ecological threats and armed conflict could displace Over 1 billion people by 2050

An analysis released Wednesday by an international think tank warns that as the world’s population continues to climb toward and possibly surpass 10 billion by 2050, ecological disasters and armed conflict could forcibly displace roughly 10% of humanity—or about 1.2 billion people. By Jessica Corbett Dreams The inaugural Ecological Threat Register (ETR) was published by the […]

September 18th

Why clouds are the missing piece in the climate change puzzle

How much our world will warm this century depends on the actions we take in coming decades. In order to keep global temperature rise below 1.5°C and avoid dangerous levels of warming, governments need to know how much carbon they can emit, and over what timeframe. Paulo Ceppi, Imperial College London and Ric Williams, University […]

September 12th

September 2020 ENSO update: La Niña is here!

La Niña conditions were present in August, and there’s a 75% chance they’ll hang around through the winter. NOAA has issued a La Niña Advisory. Just how did we arrive at this conclusion, and what does a La Niña winter portend? Read on to find out! By Emily Becker NOAA Checking the boxes Let’s revisit our La […]

September 10th

Extinction Rebellion: why disavowing politics is a dead end for climate action

Since emerging in 2018, the same year that the IPCC warned humanity had 12 years to avoid climate catastrophe, Extinction Rebellion’s disruptive campaigns have helped push the UK government to declare a “climate emergency”. Governments and local councils in over 30 countries have since followed suit. By Heather Alberro, Nottingham Trent University The Conversation More […]

September 9th

Learning from the contentious history of carbon removal

Large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR), also referred to as “negative emissions”, is increasingly seen as a key component of climate change mitigation pathways that limit warming to 1.5C or 2C. By Dr Wim Carton  and Prof Jens Friis Lund Carbon Brief Its prominence in global pathways derived from technologically focused integrated assessment models has spurred a growing scientific […]

September 9th

NOAA: Aviation is responsible for 3.5 percent of climate change

New research that provides the most comprehensive calculations of aviation’s impact on the climate finds that global air travel and transport is responsible for 3.5 percent of all drivers of climate change from human activities. The study, published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, evaluated all of the aviation industry’s contributing factors to climate change, including emissions of […]

September 8th

How climate change is turning glaciers into lakes

Lakes formed by melting glaciers around the world have increased in size by 50% over the past 30 years.  That is the main finding of our new study, published in Nature Climate Change, which provides yet another sign of a warming climate – and one that affects water supplies and flood risk for billions of people.   […]

September 6th

Earth is warning us we must change. Will we listen?

Our present course puts humans on track to be among the species that expire in Earth’s ongoing sixth mass extinction. In my conversations with thoughtful people, I am finding increasing acceptance of this horrific premise. By David Korten Yes! magazine The COVID-19 pandemic, along with climate change, drives home the lesson that we must honor […]

September 6th