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Coal’s last life-line from US to Asia is shut down. No coal exports!

Grassroots leaders just won a major victory for public health and the climate. The last surviving coal export terminal proposed in the Northwest was denied a permit by the state, spelling the end for the project. On Tuesday the Washington Department of Ecology denied a necessary water quality permit for the proposed Millennium Bulk Terminals […]

September 27th

Nicaragua will sign Paris Climate Agreement, leaving US alone with Syria

Reports coming out of Central American country Nicaragua say that the country’s President, Daniel Ortega, has confirmed his country will finally sign the Paris Climate Agreement, leaving the United States and Syria as the only two countries in the world not to have signed it. By Joshua S Hill It’s important to remember off the top in […]

September 23rd

Trump’s reckless, dishonest, myopic blustering on Iran nuclear agreement weakens U.S. national security

With a blast of bombast, Donald Trump made clear once again this week that he wants to dump or renegotiate the Iran nuclear agreement—known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—which he calls “an embarrassment to the United States.” He also says he has already made up his mind about what to do, but he’s not telling anybody what he has decided. […]

September 21st

Climate Week NYC: EV100 launches global business group to fast-track electric vehicles

A new business campaign designed to fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles (EV) and infrastructure has been launched by The Climate Group at a unique event in New York today, as business and government leaders gather at Climate Week NYC. Baidu, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Heathrow Airport, HP Inc., IKEA Group, LeasePlan, METRO AG, PG&E, Unilever, Vattenfall are the […]

September 19th

More than 80 non-proliferation experts urge Trump to stick with Iran nuclear agreement

In a statement this week, some fourscore nuclear nonproliferation experts urged Pr*sident Donald Trump and Congress not to abandon the 2015 multilateral agreement hammered out in negotiations among Iran, Germany, the United States, and the other four permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. By Meteor Blades Since the nuclear deal was implemented in January 2016, the […]

September 16th

More investors are green investors. Corporations should feed that appetite.

A growing number of green investors are looking to increase their climate-related investments, but are at the same time frustrated with a lack of transparency and climate-related disclosure from companies. These are the key findings from a new report published this week by multinational banking behemoth HSBC and prepared by industry research firm East & Partners, […]

September 13th

Plastic has gone from a miracle material to an un-natural disaster

Back when America was great, DuPont had a catchy slogan: “Better Things For Better Living…Through Chemistry.” We were all amazed at how chemists could concoct cool new stuff like Teflon or the polyester yarns that made leisure suits so terrific. (If you missed the golden age of leisure suits, consider yourself lucky.)  And who can […]

September 12th

Nikki Haley shreds her credibility over Iran’s nuclear compliance

Nikki Haley, who didn’t have a lick of foreign policy experience before Pr*sident Donald Trump appointed her to be ambassador to the United Nations, delivered a speech on Iran’s compliance with the 2015 multinational nuclear agreement to the American Enterprise Institute Tuesday. It was quite the pile of manure. A compilation of lies that contradicted the latest report […]

September 7th

Jerry Brown goes to Russia – Climate change on the table Eastern Economic Forum

California Governor Jerry Brown will attend the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, a Pacific port city located in the far Southeast corner of Russia near the borders of China and North Korea, on Tuesday, September 5, 2017, local time. The purpose of his trip is to  “further expand California’s trans-Pacific collaboration to combat climate change,” according to a news […]

September 4th

Electric Vehicles: Incentives growing across Europe

All across the globe, aggressive mandates are being set up to transition countries away from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles. In fact, according to Climate Change News, “the European commission is considering implementing an electric car quota to be achieved by automakers by 2030, according to diplomats and sources familiar with the issue. With France, the Netherlands and Britain planning diesel bans by 2040, […]

September 2nd

Is China beginning a serious smog crack-down?

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection released a statement earlier today complaining that local governments haven’t been taking efforts to reduce air pollution seriously enough. These local officials, mostly at the county level and lower, have not shown “sufficient awareness of the importance, difficulty and urgency of air pollution prevention work.” By James Ayre  The statement comes […]

September 1st