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At G20, Trump was no leader – a sad little puppet on the sidelines

This past weekends’ G20 Summit held in Hamburg, Germany, has yielded one incontrovertible result — the United States, under the leadership of its new President, Donald Trump, has all but abrogated its role as leader of the free world (whatever that is) and shut itself behind self-made walls of isolation and protectionism that will only […]

July 10th

GM expects 500,000 new electric vehicle sales/yr by 2025

GM is now aiming to sell 150,000 “new energy vehicles” (electric plus hydrogen fuel cell) a year by 2020, and 500,000 a year by 2025 — as revealed at a recent 20th anniversary of the company’s launch of its first two joint ventures in China with SAIC. By James Ayre   While most of you reading this […]

July 10th

At G20, climate change makes it G19 vs Trump. Everyone else supports Paris

While Donald Frederickovich was making nice with Vladimir Vladimirovich and having daughter Ivanka keep his seat warm at the adults table during parts of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, the assembled leaders struggled to come up with climate language in their final communique that the world’s 20 richest nations could all agree to. Thanks to the stubborn climate […]

July 8th

Renewable energy will soon be cheapest electricity

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are already as cheap or cheaper than traditional fuels in about half of G20 countries, and are soon to be the cheapest form of electricity in every G20 country, according to a new report from Greenpeace in advance of the G20 Summit in Hamburg. By Joshua S Hill  Published […]

July 8th

Cali Gov Jerry Brown announces Global Climate Summit

While President Trump was blowing off the G20 session on climate change to spend more than 2 hours chilling with Vlad Putin, California Governor Jerry Brown crashed the party in Hamburg (via video) to announce that California (with an economy bigger than France, bigger than the UK) would take the lead on hosting a Global […]

July 8th

Climate change is making the oceans hotter MUCH faster than we expected

The problem with news reporting on climate change science is: The scientific models are inherently conservative, but they get reported as if they were worst-case scenarios. Often, as with ocean temperatures and Antarctic warming, the more we learn the WORSE things look, making those earlier estimates into BEST-case scenarios… By Steve Hanley  Oceanographers say the world’s […]

July 7th

Hungry? Climate change will put a choke-hold on the food supply

Roughly 25% of all of the food currently eaten in the world is traded on international markets. Owing to this reality, and the accompanying reliance on a relatively small number of important deep-water seaports, roads, and straits — so-called “choke points” — climate change threatens to greatly disrupt international food supply chains in coming years, […]