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Amnesty International calls G7 climate plan fail a devastating assault on human rights

Ahead of this week’s G7 summit, Amnesty International decried the inadequacy of wealthy nations’ climate action plans as a colossal human rights failure and delivered a blueprint for policymakers to urgently change course to avert “impending catastrophe” and uphold their international obligations. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams “The unambitious climate plans submitted by G7 members represent […]

June 7th

United Nations kicks off the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

Protecting and regenerating the viability of our blue-green home is the essential work of the next few years. Everyone is needed and we each have a role to play. By Diana Donlon Common Dreams On June 5, World Environment Day, the United Nations launched the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration—“a rallying call for the protection […]

Green groups sue US development bank financing climate-damaging infrastructure projects overseas

In an effort to hold the United States’ development bank accountable for financing “climate-damaging” international projects, a trio of environmental organizations filed suit Wednesday over the Trump administration’s attempt to exempt it from a key federal government transparency law. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Congress passed the Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development (BUILD) […]

June 3rd

Four seismic climate wins show big oil, gas and coal are running out of places to hide

Three global fossil fuel giants have just suffered embarrassing rebukes over their inadequate action on climate change. Collectively, the developments show how courts, and frustrated investors, are increasingly willing to force companies to reduce their carbon dioxide pollution quickly. By Jacqueline Peel, The University of Melbourne; Ben Neville, The University of Melbourne, and Rebekkah Markey-Towler, […]

EU Green Week: The European Green Deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

This week the EU celebrates its annual ‘Green Week’, in which Europe’s environmental elite gather to congratulate each other on how green they are. By Laura Basu OpenDemocracy It’s certainly true that the EU claims to be taking the climate crisis seriously, most notably through the European Commission’s flagship European Green Deal. Launched in 2019, the deal […]

World Meteorological Organization says the world is edging inexorably closer to 1.5°C warming threshold

Climate action advocates reiterated demands for urgent measures to rein in global heating after the World Meteorological Organization warned Thursday that there’s a 40% chance the planet will temporarily hit 1.5°C of warming in the next five years. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams The WMO, a United Nations agency, also said in its update that there’s a […]

May 30th

Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point, with catastrophic melting if carbon emissions aren’t cut quickly

While U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken draws attention to climate change in the Arctic at meetings with other national officials in Iceland, an even greater threat looms on the other side of the planet. BY Julie Brigham-Grette, University of Massachusetts Amherst and Andrea Dutton, University of Wisconsin-Madison The Conversation New research shows it is Antarctica […]

Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1 – here’s what forecasters are watching right now

As summer in the Northern Hemisphere approaches, forecasters begin watching every bout of rainy weather between the Gulf of Mexico and Africa. Each counterclockwise swirl of wind or burst of puffy clouds there has the potential to organize into a life-threatening tropical storm. Kristopher Karnauskas, University of Colorado Boulder The Conversation About half of the […]

Just 20 companies produce over half of all single-use plastic waste

In a groundbreaking report published Tuesday, researchers revealed that just 20 companies are responsible for producing 55 percent of all single-use plastic waste worldwide. By Jenna McGuire Common Dreams The 20 global businesses are both state-owned and multinational corporations, consisting mainly of energy and chemical giants, and are responsible for a plastic waste footprint amounting to […]