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Live – Liberal Party looks to SWEEP today’s Canadian election – Conservatives collapsing

By Jeremy Bloom It’s been a tight race, but over the past couple of weeks it’s looked like the public disgust with Stephen Harper’s Conservative party had coalesced in a tsunami of support for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. It’s looking like an unprecedented blow-out by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. Exciting news for all progressives and climate change […]

October 19th

Can India Go 100% Renewable by 2050?

This post originally appeared on Solar Power World. The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the writer and are not intended to represent the views or policies of the United States Department of Energy or the United States. The article was not prepared as part of the writer’s official duties […]

May 13th

Brazil court ruling will cost Monsanto $billions

Monsanto, the multinational agribusiness giant that brought us genetically modified (GMO) corn, soy, and cotton (as well as Agent Orange, dioxin, and other nasties), broke the rules in Brazil, and it’s going to cost them. While US courts have been pretty tolerant of Monsanto (Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a former Monsanto employee), the […]

June 19th

Saving the seas for the banksters?

The World Bank, an organization notorious for promoting structural adjustment policies and the privatization of public services that have devastated developing countries and the environment, on February 24 announced the formation of an international coalition supposedly designed to “protect” the oceans. “A powerful coalition of governments, international organizations, civil society groups and private interests joining […]

February 28th

Monsanto’s GMO corn comes to Mexico

Monsanto has been pushing to get their GM corn into Mexico since 2008, and there have been quite a few test plantings in Mexico already. So, what’s going on now with GMOs in Mexico? Back in 2011, Mexico experienced a severe cold snap and drought that devastated corn crops. Monsanto used the corn shortage to start […]

February 27th

Monsanto Guilty! France convicts big ag firm of chemical poisoning

We’ve written a lot about how Monsanto is one of the worst companies in the world, and how American farmers have taken them to court to try to block their actions that pollute the environment with chemicals and the food supply with genetically modified (GMO) seeds. Today we have word from France that the agribusiness […]

February 13th

Hawaiian singer Makana Occupies President Obama’s state dinner

  President Obama held a Luau for leaders of Pacific Rim nations at a summit in Honolulu last night. As part of the entertainment, popular Hawaiian singer Makana was invited to serenade them. But Makana had just released his new homage to the Occupy Movement, We Are The Many. How could he resist the opportunity? […]

November 13th

GOP says US can’t compete with China on clean energy

Stearns says considering the $30 billion China has sunk into solar subsidies, it’s too late for us. He wants us to put money in areas the US has a chance of winning. Nice move – we’re in the second inning of the World Series of solar, and Stearns wants us to throw up our hands and walk away.

October 4th

India sues Monsanto for biopiracy

For two decades, Monsanto has been able to take living organisms, insert genes into them, and then patent them as its own intellectual property. And nobody has challenged this – until now.
The government of India has filed suit against Monsanto – for violating India’s Biological Diversity Act (BDA). It’s the first time a company has been sued by a government for acts of biopiracy.

September 30th