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Putin, Russia and the North

By claiming the Lomonosov Ridge as Russian territory, Russia has claimed the Arctic seabed up until the North Pole, effectively planting a Russian flag on the vast oil, gas, and diamond reserves in this ecologically-sensitive region of the world.

August 15th

Northwest Passage; Myth or Reality?

This year, for the first time in years, the Holy Grail of northern shipping will be a reality for a few weeks. With a Europe to Asia transit length that is 5000 nautical miles shorter than that of the Panama Canal; the opening of the Northwest Passage may signal the start to a sovereignty fight in the Arctic that has nothing to do with oil, gas, or any other kind of mineral exploration.

August 14th

Global Seafood Consumption Up: Is Aquaculture the Answer?

According to this year’s report, Americans consumed a total of 4.908 billion pounds of seafood in 2007, slightly less than the 4.944 billion pounds in 2006. The average American ate 16.3 pounds of fish and shellfish in 2007, a one percent decline from the 2006 consumption figures of 16.5 pounds. But what most concerns scientists is the growth in imported farm-raised seafood coupled with declines global fishstocks.

August 14th

A US Blockade of Iran Would Cause an Energy Crisis

The recent naval deployment in the Gulf comes on the heels of both House and Senate resolutions calling on the President to take action against Iran, which could only be accomplished through a naval blockade, an act of war under international law. Such a blockade in the Strait of Hormuz would cause oil prices to skyrocket and cause an energy crisis greater than we are experiencing currently.

August 13th

Why High Gas Prices can be Good for the Environment

While high gas prices are not the most effective way to combat environmentally degrading driving patterns – unless you grow all your own food, chances are likely that high gas prices are going to translate into higher food costs – high gas prices are starting to encourage the sorts of commuter behaviours that environmentalists have been attempting to mainstream for years. But if gas prices start to decrease, are we going to witness a return to the behaviour that brought about these high prices in the first place?

August 8th

Senate GOP Refuses Floor Debate of Renewable Energy Tax Credits

[social_buttons]For the fourth time this summer alone, Senate Republicans have blocked any formal consideration of extending renewable energy tax credits. The 51-43 vote on Wednesday to invoke cloture on S.3335 fell nine short of the 60 needed to begin floor debate (a ‘Yea’ vote indicating support for the bill and/or willingness to debate it). Although […]

July 30th

Britain: Fuel Costs – Who’s Really to Blame?

The UK government, oil producing countries and oil companies are to blame for high oil prices, according to a recent poll. But taxation is irrelevant to long term oil prices, as prices will inevitably rise as demand outstrips supply. It is in this respect that governments need to face up to the necessity of policies aimed at eliminating dependence on oil.

July 28th

A European Bounce for Candidate Obama

As the Barack Obama Summer World Tour winds up today in London, it is not hard to see the presumptive Democratic nomminee’s rock-star appeal is not bound by the shores of the United States. But the 200,000 Germans who showed up to see Obama in Berlin can’t vote for him this November. So does it matter? Apparently, yes.

July 26th

Is Free Trade the Solution to Climate Change?

At first glance, the elimination of tariffs for goods and services that protect the environment and fight climate change sounds like a good idea to spur a green economy, but what about the social and environmental consequences of free trade?

July 23rd

Environmental Laws, Border Fence, and Presidential Candidates

As we continue to discuss energy independence, debate drilling for domestic oil, explore alternative energy sources and ask our prospective leaders what their economic plans may be…should we also pay attention to a fence that is being rapidly built at the cost of disrupting a peaceful people, harming ecosystems and the alarming reality that a governmental department has been given the authority to run with no checks and balances?

July 13th

Mean Joe Green #18: G8 tells Mother Nature to Wait

A vague emissions reduction goal was set–to be reached in 42 years, and without a baseline from which to begin. Seems to me the powers that be are placating the masses as they refuse to take the necessary measures to promote conservation, clean energy, etc.
Sorry Mother Nature…

July 11th