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Environmental Laws, Border Fence, and Presidential Candidates

As we continue to discuss energy independence, debate drilling for domestic oil, explore alternative energy sources and ask our prospective leaders what their economic plans may be…should we also pay attention to a fence that is being rapidly built at the cost of disrupting a peaceful people, harming ecosystems and the alarming reality that a governmental department has been given the authority to run with no checks and balances?

July 13th

Mean Joe Green #18: G8 tells Mother Nature to Wait

A vague emissions reduction goal was set–to be reached in 42 years, and without a baseline from which to begin. Seems to me the powers that be are placating the masses as they refuse to take the necessary measures to promote conservation, clean energy, etc.
Sorry Mother Nature…

July 11th

Critics Spurn G8 Statement on Climate Change

The G8 has agreed to work toward a goal of cutting the worldwide emissions that cause global warming by at least 50 per cent by 2050.

Short on substantive specifics, the statement indicated that developed and developing countries would need to make drastically sharper cuts in emissions to head off the most pressing effects of global warming.

July 9th

British Fuel Prices: Situation Red.

What stared as a murmur of discontent is turning into an increasingly vocal chorus of protest as the British public begin to feel the pain of rising inflation, with already high fuel prices predicted to rise by as much as another 40% by the end of the year. With a tank of fuel for the […]

June 19th

Germans Debate Renewable Energy Supports

Conservatives call into question highly successful feed-in tariff There is a reason that Germany has half of the world’s installed solar generating capacity, and it is not the Northern European country’s boundless sunshine. Renewable energy capacity has achieved such tremendous growth because of the German government’s aggressive energy policy. The policy vehicle responsible for the […]

May 19th

US Drug War Policies Spur Sales of Afghan Child Brides

The US Government’s Drug War has spurred many social and environmental consequences throughout the world. Widespread aerial herbicide spraying aimed at eradication has caused environmental damage from Central America to Central Asia. Recently, I learned you can add the sale of child brides in Afghanistan to the list of social ills caused by the Drug […]

May 7th

Tangled Up In Green: Faster, Higher, Stronger, Greener

There has been talk recently of boycotting the 2008 Beijing Olympics for any number of valid reasons. Whether it is for the freedom of Tibet, the atrocities in Darfur, or China’s environmental policies. However, what would be achieved by boycotting the Olympics? Is China going to step back and say, “Whoa… the United States is […]

April 17th