War and Peace

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Russia’s war in Ukraine – One year on, it’s also a devastating war on nature

The Russian invasion of Ukraine launched in February 2022 has sent economic, social and political shock waves around the world. In a newly published policy brief, we and other researchers and conservation scientists describe how these effects extend to biodiversity conservation efforts far beyond Ukraine. Eduardo Gallo-Cajiao, University of Washington; Duan Biggs, Northern Arizona University; […]

February 23rd

Europe has avoided blackouts from Putin’s Ukraine war, but Pakistan and India haven’t been so lucky

Through a year of war in Ukraine, the U.S. and most European nations have worked to help counter Russia, in supporting Ukraine both with armaments and in world energy markets. Russia was Europe’s main energy supplier when it invaded Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin threatened to leave Europeans to freeze “like a wolf’s tail” – […]

February 19th

What are tactical nuclear weapons? And could a desperate Putin use one on Ukraine?

Tactical nuclear weapons have burst onto the international stage as Russian President Vladimir Putin, facing battlefield losses in eastern Ukraine, has threatened that Russia will “make use of all weapon systems available to us” if Russia’s territorial integrity is threatened. Putin has characterized the war in Ukraine as an existential battle against the West, which […]

September 30th

Imperiled Ukrainian nuclear power plant has the world on edge – a safety expert explains what could go wrong

Russian forces occupy Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station in the Ukrainian city of Enerhodar. Russian and Ukrainian forces are fighting nearby, and shelling has damaged power and communication lines to the plant, prompting fears for the plant’s safety and evoking painful memories in a country still scarred by the world’s […]

August 27th

Russia’s war in Ukraine pushes the world closer to the climate precipice

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine constitutes a crime of aggression under international law. Putin’s regime launched an attack on a sovereign country that posed no direct threat to the Russian Federation. Russian forces have pounded cities into submission, thousands of civilians have been killed, and millions have fled as refugees. By C.J. Polychroniou Common Dreams The war […]

July 10th

Driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (to seize gas fields), US LNG boom could add 90 million tons of emissions a year

A boom in U.S. liquefied natural gas exports driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could add a staggering 90 million tons or more of planet-heating greenhouse gases annually, a report published Thursday revealed. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) publication—entitled Playing With Fire: The Climate Impact of the Rapid Growth of LNG—notes that […]

June 13th

EU Embargos Russian oil, but NOT Russian gas

The global climate group Greenpeace criticized the European Union’s newly announced embargo on Russian oil as inadequate, noting Tuesday that the ban includes a key carve-out that will allow the nation’s crude to continue flowing into E.U. countries through pipelines. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The deal among members of the 27-nation bloc came after weeks […]

May 31st