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Solar Wakeup: Top 5 Anti-Solar Policy Tricks

Yann Brandt, solar entrepreneur and proprietor of SolarWakeup.com (if you’re not receiving his daily wrap-up of news from around the solar industry in your inbox, shame on you), wrote this original piece for his website. When I saw it, I immediately demanded he let me post it here. Thankfully, he acceded to my request: By Yann Brandt, Managing […]

April 18th

We Love Solar So Much That We Want To Smother It

We all know those parents, hovering just out of sight, keeping an eye on every move their children make, offering unsolicited advice and generally trying to keep control of everything — all in the name of “love.” The utilities have studied that behavior and decided to go all-in with it, with a much more sinister goal: to […]

April 1st

We Also Need To “Restore Sanity” In Food Politics

[social_buttons] Yesterday I drove 28 miles to attend the San Diego version of the “Rally to Restore Sanity.”  I’m glad I did.  Even in this Southern California bastion of political conservatism, there were at least 200 people meeting at Dick’s Last Resort to watch the DC event and to encourage each other that we are […]

October 31st

Creating Satans: Collective Myth Building About Monsanto, Obama etc

[social_buttons] I noticed an interesting phenomenon this week  while watching the links coming in to one of Jeremy Bloom’s recent posts on RGB.  A great deal of traffic was coming in from two referring sites that are Christianity-related. Both had previously posted links to an incendiary Pravda “article” that misinterpreted an already sensationalized statement in a […]

October 24th

Good Morning. I’ll be your new host.

Hi. My name is Jeremy Bloom, and I’ll be your new editor here at Red Green And Blue.
We’ll be officially re-launching later this month, but I wanted to open things up and get started. Get to know each other a bit. Start the conversation flowing. And of course, talk about the biggest environmental story of the decade.

June 3rd

Animals, Environment, Children and Risk

Very young children haven’t learned good hand hygiene and so are not good at washing their hands, and also that they are more prone to complications from E.coli than adults. But there is a counter-argument being made by some health professionals that a child’s immune system is only built if it is given enough exposure to the wider world and depriving children of this kind of contact actually harms their ability to battle a range of viruses and infections.

September 23rd

Horn of Africa Faces Starvation

El Nino is blamed for changing rainfall patterns, and that, combined with inadequate harvests and increasing conflict has led to a drop in cereal production already affecting Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. This could increase the number of people relying on food aid.

September 21st

Environmental Protest Round-Up 19 September

In the UK, journalist and television presenter Jeremy Clarkson found his own bit of global warming, on his doorstep! Seven members of group Climate Rush visited his home and left steaming piles of horse manure on his drive, along with a message reading ‘This is what you’re landing us in’.

September 19th

Animal Experimentation: A Hidden Journey

Little thought is generally given to the origin of animal research subjects, whether we accept or abhor their existence. The Mauritian case seems like a solution: find a place where an introduced species causes environmental harm and reduce the effect of the species both by reducing numbers and by using the profit made to repair environmental harm.

August 20th