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TED Talk: Pro vs Con on Nuclear Energy

Should we be taking a serious second look at Nuclear Energy? With climate change the biggest potential disaster facing humanity, there are even environmentalists who now think nuclear power is actually a lower risk.

Take a look at this talk from TED, in which Stewart Brand and Mark Z. Jacobson go at it.

June 23rd

Every President from Nixon to Obama Promised to Free us from Foreign Energy

After hearing President Obama’s speech Tuesday night I was going to see if I could find videos of all the Presidents from Nixon on to Bush II promising how they were going to achieve energy independence and free us from foreign fuels, and splice them all together into a witty yet informative commentary about the futility of American Politics that has barely managed to move us forward in 30 years. But fortunately, Jon Stewart did it for me.

June 19th

Senate Dems Meet on Climate Bills, Accomplish Nada

The US Senate, the world’s greatest high school debate squad, continues to fiddle on the climate and energy bills. And while oil gushes into the Gulf, and we enjoy the warmest spring in recorded history, and prepare for a heavy hurricane season, our esteemed Senators are concerned that we’re moving… too fast. Jay Rockefeller (D-Coal Country), actually wants to roll back what little HAS been done.

June 18th

Expert: Sand Berms Aren’t Enough to Keep Oil off La. Coast

The pressure is on to deal with the problems associated with the biggest US oil spill in history. While President Obama pressures BP and dispatches the National Guard, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) has been pushing – hard – for a plan to construct 45 miles of sand berms off the coast to block oil from hitting his shores. The plan was finally approved May 27, but scientists are questioning whether it’s going to work.

June 16th

From Left and Right, The Response to Obama’s Oil Disaster Address

How’d he do? As always, the answer seems to depend on where you’re sitting. Environmentalists were disappointed, centrists were pleased but skeptical, conservatives in the business sphere just want the problems solved so we can get back to business, and the political right appeared to be responding to a completely different speech (in an alternate universe in which Obama caused the oil leak and is now using that as an excuse to RAISE YOUR TAXES!)

June 15th

Obama Spells out Battle Plan for the Gulf Disaster

President Obama made his first Oval Office address to the nation tonight, an 18-minute talk aimed at addressing critics and moving the country forward in the wake of the Gulf Oil Disaster.

This speech laid out President Obama’s battle plan to clean up the mess, help those affected, and make sure it will never happen again.

Here’s a quick outline of the rest of what he said…

June 15th

Bill Maher on Offshore Drilling: “F*ck Your Jobs!”

Wow. Bill Maher weighs in on the debate over offshore drilling, and specifically the issue of whether or not a deepwater offshore drilling ban will be a job-killer.

“You know, maybe your job needs to go when it starts killing things. Maybe this whole mess is a sign that people who work in the oil industry should look into producing something else that’s less immediately harmful… Yes, the oil industry creates jobs. So does the kiddie porn industry.”

June 14th

Support for Offshore Drilling is Tanking, Post-Gulf Spill

While Republicans continue their mantra of “Drill, Baby, Drill,” support for offshore drilling appears to be tanking.
Only 25 percent of Americans now support increased offshore drilling, a new CBS News/Washington Post poll reports. 31 percent want to see it decreased, with 41 percent saying “keep it the same.”
Those numbers have been in free-fall since drilling support peaked earlier in the year.
But so far, Democrats have failed to capitalize on the public anger.

June 11th

Senate Takes up Murkowski Bid to Block EPA

The EPA has found, based on the scientific evidence (everyone from academics to strategic planners at the Pentagon agrees on this), that CO2 output is hazardous and needs to be regulated. Senator Murkowski wants to strip the EPA of authority to do that, saying it’s SOOO important that Congress needs to handle it. But is that really what’s going on? We take a look at the reality behind the hype.

June 10th

Beef is the Worst – Why Put Oil on Your BBQ?

It’s a glorious summer weekend, and folks all over are firing up their grills. But before you shop – today is World Environment Day, so maybe you should think twice about what you’re putting on the BBQ, especially after the devastation of the BP Gulf oil disaster.

Beef is, simply, the worst thing you can eat – especially mainstream store-bought beef that comes straight off a factory farm feedlot. Read on to learn why…

June 5th

Good Morning. I’ll be your new host.

Hi. My name is Jeremy Bloom, and I’ll be your new editor here at Red Green And Blue.
We’ll be officially re-launching later this month, but I wanted to open things up and get started. Get to know each other a bit. Start the conversation flowing. And of course, talk about the biggest environmental story of the decade.

June 3rd

Environmental Protest Round-Up 25 September 2009

In Peru, the government has acted on the financially troubled and environmentally challenged Doe Run Peru smelter. Their response to the closure of the site has been to give the operators a 30-month extension on their previous environmental clean-up deadline.

September 25th

Animals, Environment, Children and Risk

Very young children haven’t learned good hand hygiene and so are not good at washing their hands, and also that they are more prone to complications from E.coli than adults. But there is a counter-argument being made by some health professionals that a child’s immune system is only built if it is given enough exposure to the wider world and depriving children of this kind of contact actually harms their ability to battle a range of viruses and infections.

September 23rd

Horn of Africa Faces Starvation

El Nino is blamed for changing rainfall patterns, and that, combined with inadequate harvests and increasing conflict has led to a drop in cereal production already affecting Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. This could increase the number of people relying on food aid.

September 21st

Environmental Protest Round-Up 19 September

In the UK, journalist and television presenter Jeremy Clarkson found his own bit of global warming, on his doorstep! Seven members of group Climate Rush visited his home and left steaming piles of horse manure on his drive, along with a message reading ‘This is what you’re landing us in’.

September 19th