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Young conservatives for climate action: Spokesman for CCL and RepublicEN profiled by Vice News

In this Vice News clip, Meet the Conservatives Lobbying Lawmakers to Act on Climate Change, our spokesperson Jacob Abel (who also advocates for the Citizens Climate Lobby’s Conservative Caucus) notes that Congressional GOP leaders will take climate action because they recognize that “young people want to get [climate change] addressed and they want a conservative way to […]

April 2nd

Ecoright News: Florida GOP voters want climate action

A survey commissioned by our friend at the Alliance for Market Solutions (AMS) found that 61 percent of Republican voters in Florida want the country to adopt a “balanced” approach to fighting climate change that considers both environmental and economic impacts, compared with 29 percent who said climate change is not real. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight […]

March 30th

EcoRight climate change news of the week for March 27

As noted last week, it’s hard to find the balance between COVID-19 reporting and climate change. That hasn’t changed, but we will continue to share relevant EcoRight news in the spirit that we have to maintain some normalcy or we will go crazy. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN 🍅🥑P.S. My stress release has been […]

March 27th

EcoRight News: The balance between climate change and the coronavirus disaster

As noted, it’s hard to find the balance between Coronavirus reporting and climate change. But a few thoughtful articles caught my attention today. Hang in there, friends! We are all in this together!   By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN Coronavirus and climate change could stretch FEMA beyond its limits (Bloomberg Green): “While the disaster-response agency […]

March 24th

EcoRight climate news of the week for March 20

Dear Readers – I’m going to do something different for this week’s edition. The world feels heavy right now, and understandably, there is not much in the way of climate content. Here at, we have canceled upcoming events and are quickly plotting how to continue to bring our message to the audiences who want and need […]

March 20th

EcoRight News: Bi-partisan group of heavy-hitters meet to work on climate change

Two former GOP governors, John Kasich from Ohio and Arnold Schwarzenegger from California—who together with former U.S. Senator and Secretary of State John Kerry co-founded World War Zero, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization intended to bring people of diverse backgrounds together to fight climate change—convened a town hall meeting at Otterbein University in Ohio on Sunday. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN “Do we […]

March 12th

EcoRight climate news of the week for March 6

Happy Friday! What a week, huh? Between Super Tuesday and the coronavirus, there is certainly a lot of news to digest, which is why we are eternally grateful for your readership. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must read: climate change no longer dirty words for Florida’s GOP, but how green will Trump go? (Palm […]

March 6th

Bill Weld calls the extinction crisis a national emergency (yes, he’s running against Trump)

Republican presidential candidate Bill Weld of Massachusetts is the first to publicly announce that the wildlife extinction crisis should be declared a national emergency. Bobby Bascomb, host of the Living on Earth radio program, recently asked Weld: “Environmental groups want to create a national emergency, essentially, around the issue of biodiversity loss. How do you […]

February 22nd

EcoRight climate change week in review for February 21

As you read this, I’m touring a college campus with my first born, who is 100 percent going to leave me in the fall. Hold on, I have something in my eye…😭 ☄Utah College Republicans, activate: Representatives from the College Republican clubs at Brigham Young University, Utah State University, Weber State, Southern Utah University and […]

February 21st

House GOP rolls out carbon capture bills

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, flanked by Rep. Garret Graves and other clean energy allies, rolled out the first tranche of GOP climate bills, intended at carbon capture, one of the tools for managing emissions. “They’re positive, they fit in a conservative mantle,” House Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Greg Walden said of the bills, which include incentives for tree […]

February 18th

Bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus grows to 12 members

The bipartisan Senate Climate Solutions Caucus founded by Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) has added four new members, an indication of the growing desire for cross-party collaboration to address climate change. The new members are Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Susan Collins (R-ME), Tammy Baldwin (D-WI). By Steve Valk Citizens’ […]

February 13th