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Renewable Roundup: Starve the beast is still the loudest dog whistle

The rich have a corrupt bargain with all of the Republican factions. Cut taxes for us, and we will use those tax cuts to blow out the budget and force Democrats to agree to cut social programs under the Dog Whistle Starve the Beast. But no more. By Mokurai On July 14, 1978, economist Alan Greenspan testified […]

August 1st

What’s your label? Progressive, conservative, liberal, libertarian… what do we agree on?

Labels, particularly political labels, can be quite misleading, especially when they’re applied by someone eager to trash someone else. Sadly, the corporate right-wing slime machine has quite successfully used the human tendency to label ourselves against us. Check out the damage from toxic assaults on “liberal,” for instance. Or “far leftist,” a term broadly applied as a […]

December 26th

Solar Wakeup: Top 5 Anti-Solar Policy Tricks

Yann Brandt, solar entrepreneur and proprietor of (if you’re not receiving his daily wrap-up of news from around the solar industry in your inbox, shame on you), wrote this original piece for his website. When I saw it, I immediately demanded he let me post it here. Thankfully, he acceded to my request: By Yann Brandt, Managing […]

April 18th

We Love Solar So Much That We Want To Smother It

We all know those parents, hovering just out of sight, keeping an eye on every move their children make, offering unsolicited advice and generally trying to keep control of everything — all in the name of “love.” The utilities have studied that behavior and decided to go all-in with it, with a much more sinister goal: to […]

April 1st

Right And Left Agree: OK To Risk Starvation Of The Poor

The anti-climate-science politicians from the Right and the anti-technology activists from the Left are independently, but quite successfully, increasing the risk of malnutrition and/or starvation for the poorest people of the world.  This may not be their intended agenda, but it is the likely outcome from what they are doing. Another food price spike looming […]

November 15th

Creating Satans: Collective Myth Building About Monsanto, Obama etc

[social_buttons] I noticed an interesting phenomenon this week  while watching the links coming in to one of Jeremy Bloom’s recent posts on RGB.  A great deal of traffic was coming in from two referring sites that are Christianity-related. Both had previously posted links to an incendiary Pravda “article” that misinterpreted an already sensationalized statement in a […]

October 24th

Voters Overwhelmingly Support Clean Energy Candidates

Americans know a good idea when they see one. No matter how many millions of dollars the deep-pocketed polluters spend on spreading mistruths this election season, new polling released by the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund today shows that voters in 23 close Congressional races overwhelmingly support clean energy legislation and would be more […]

October 18th

White House Won’t… er… WILL Go Solar

Beth Buczynski reports over at Care2 that despite last month’s strange snubbing of solar, the Obama White House will go solar after all. “By the end of this spring, there will be solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity and a solar hot water heater on the roof of the White House,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu […]

October 6th

White House Rejects Carter-era Solar Panel

This just in from Bill McKibben: Dear friends, I just walked out of a disappointing meeting with the White House: they refused to accept the Carter solar panel we came to Washington to deliver and said that they would continue their “deliberative process” to discuss putting solar panels back on the White House roof. Well, […]

September 10th

Help Obama put solar (back) on the White House

By Bill McKibben Amid the heated rhetoric about the administration that’s dominating the site at the moment, here’s a potential chance to help with a very concrete project. Today we’re headed down the East Coast with a solar panel—it used to be on the White House, installed by Jimmy Carter in 1979. The Reagan administration took […]

September 8th

A call for direct action in the climate movement: we need your ideas

BY Bill McKibben, Philip Radford, Rebecca Tarbotton (Cross-posted from Grist) Dear Friends, God, what a summer. Federal scientists have concluded that we’ve just come through the warmest six months, the warmest year, and the warmest decade in human history. Nineteen nations have set new all-time temperature records; the mercury in Pakistan reached 129 degrees, the […]

September 7th

Berms Update: Coast Scientists Want Them Stopped

(From A group of coast scientists – experts who teach at universities from Maine to Hawaii – have drafted a letter to Incident Commander Thad Allen, calling on him to cancel the sand berms and other “massive re-engineering” projects. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal had championed the sand berms as a way of keeping oil […]

July 21st