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Does Earth Day Matter?

Being an environmentalist on Earth Day is kind of like being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day (since I am both, I feel I can speak with some authority). I look at my environmentalism much as I do my national heritage – foundational elements of who I am. So, on Earth Day, I am happy to […]

April 22nd

Bush Administration Just Says ‘No’ to Science

Over the last 7 years, the current administration has meddled with the affairs of the Environmental Protection Agency to such a degree, that the badgering and tampering is having a detrimental effect on the morale of agency staffers. And the latest news that EPA officials have ceased their efforts to follow a Supreme Court order […]

April 14th

5 Ways to Green Your Taxes

It’s income tax time again. Just like other special occasions, one would expect the green blogosphere to erupt in lists of eco-advice (see Five Super-Simple Steps to Green Trick-or-Treating or The 12 Green Days of Christmas). Since I can only think of one method to green up tax time (e-file), I will share my thoughts […]

April 9th

Mean Joe Green #4: After All, They Do it to the Native Americans!

This cartoon popped in my head after reading colleague Tim Hurst’s article “Feds Issue Waiver of Environmental Rules for Border Fence” in Red Green and Blue last week. Other motivation for this cartoon comes from the historical (and current) treatment of native Americans, and this unsourced quote from MAD Magazine: “The suburbs are where they […]

April 6th

Feds Waive Environmental Rules for New Border Fence

Ecosystem will be severely fragmented by fence The Bush administration has announced it will wave more than thirty federal laws to finish building a wall along the Mexican border by the end of this year. The Washington Post calls the move the most sweeping use of the administration’s waiver authority during the wall’s construction. The […]

April 3rd

Bush Administration Seeks Endangered Species Status for the Elusive ‘Climate Skeptic’

In a stunning reversal of direction, the Bush administration has officially requested a new addition to the Endangered Species list. What threatened species could elicit this drastic change of course for the Bush Administration? It is, of course, the elusive Climate Change Skeptic (dubium mundus fervesco), whose habitat is being threatened by rational thinking, increased […]

April 1st

Tangled Up in Green: Green Makes War On Us All

Five years have gone by. The U.S. casualty toll is now 4,000. It is estimated that some 80,000 plus Iraqi civilians have lost their lives in the war. Photo Courtesy of Luke Plunkett @ Kotaku.com There isn’t a body count for wildlife, native plants, or eco-systems that have been killed in the struggle. War takes […]

March 24th

Red, Green, and Blue on XM Radio

You know that old saying about having a ‘face for radio’? As mean as the old saying is, it essentially implies that a person on television is not particularly good looking and that they would be better off applying their talents, journalistic or otherwise, to the radio-waves. Got it? Okay, put it this way, I […]

March 11th

Welcome to Red, Green, and Blue

As the lead writer of this exciting new endeavor, let me be the first to officially welcome you to Red, Green, and Blue, the newest addition to the Green Options family of environmentally-themed blogs. I cannot think of a better time to be launching a niche blog that is focused on environmental politics — let […]

March 6th