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How Green Is Amtrak? Well, It Could Be Greener

Although Amtrak may be a greener choice for travel, some questions still remain about the company’s overall environmental policies. Trains are not money-makers and Amtrak is no exception. From the sounds of it, they are cutting some of their greener practices to shave a little off their expenses, but at what cost to the environment?

January 15th

Car or No Car?

Car-sharing has fantastic upsides: it’s flexible, you don’t have to pay additional costs for insurance or road or vehicle tax, you don’t have any maintenance costs and you don’t have to clean the damn car!

January 15th

Need a Job in These Tough Times? Then Smuggle Wildlife

Estimates vary, but the general consensus is that internationally, the illegal wildlife trade ranks at least second or third in its volume and profitability, only behind the trade of drugs and guns. It’s thought to be a billion dollar industry annually in the U.S. alone. The World Wildlife Federation says its “the second-biggest threat to species after habitat destruction.”

January 14th

Time to Think More Deeply about UK Energy Security

The current Russia/Ukraine gas crisis is moving British gas companies to sell British gas supplies overseas, thereby keeping prices high and hitting UK consumers directly. Is is time for the UK to take political and economic control of their energy supply and run the industry for the public good and not for overseas profit?

January 10th

Food, Future, Famine?

Without much of a fanfare, the British government has launched an enquiry that aims to secure the future of UK food until 2050. It’s a committee process, led by Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and it will explore how well equipped Britain is to contribute to feeding a global population of 9 billion in forty years.

December 29th