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EPA Drafts Rule for Carbon Sequestration

The Environmental Protection Agency announced on Tuesday a first draft of a rule that will govern the geologic sequestration of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from power plants.

Geologic sequestration of global warming gases, is viewed by some as an essential component of a climate change policy portfolio.

July 16th

Bush Lifts Executive Ban on Offshore Drilling – Why it Matters and Why it Doesn’t

In a largely symbolic move, President George W. Bush ordered to lift the Executive Order banning the drilling of offshore oil wells in the U.S.. But opening up offshore oil drilling would not have an immediate impact on oil prices because oil exploration and development takes years, not months. And second, because there is no way of guaranteeing that any petroleum yielded from offshore projects will remain in U.S. markets.

July 14th

Dems Red-Faced over Green-Menu Minutiae

The Democratic National Convention Denver Host committee has released a statement clarifying an earlier position about the requirements for the food service at the August convention. After receiving lots of unwanted attention, officials now say the requirements are only “guidelines.”

July 14th

Environmental Laws, Border Fence, and Presidential Candidates

As we continue to discuss energy independence, debate drilling for domestic oil, explore alternative energy sources and ask our prospective leaders what their economic plans may be…should we also pay attention to a fence that is being rapidly built at the cost of disrupting a peaceful people, harming ecosystems and the alarming reality that a governmental department has been given the authority to run with no checks and balances?

July 13th

EPA Enforcement of Clean Water Act Undermined Due To Questions About Supreme Court Decision

Earlier this week two members of Congress sent a letter citing “grave concerns” over the implementation of the Clean Water Act to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen L. Johnson.
While the Act protects wetlands from urban development for water conservation, the court ruling challenges water protection provisions and upholds individual’s rights to build over wetlands.

July 11th

Obama and Ethanol: Is it Just About Winning Votes?

From faith-based reform to liquid coal, Obama is making blunders that are shaking his liberal base in order to appeal to more moderate voters. His long standing support of corn ethanol subsidies is another example that appears he is selling out for votes, or maybe I have misunderstood him from the start and created an ideal candidate that does not exist.

July 9th

Critics Spurn G8 Statement on Climate Change

The G8 has agreed to work toward a goal of cutting the worldwide emissions that cause global warming by at least 50 per cent by 2050.

Short on substantive specifics, the statement indicated that developed and developing countries would need to make drastically sharper cuts in emissions to head off the most pressing effects of global warming.

July 9th

Americans Want to Drill

According to a recent CNN Opinion Poll, 74% of Americans are in favor of offshore drilling. While still split 49% to 44% on prioritizing the environment and the economy. In The Swamp, a Chicago Tribune Weblog, Matthew Hay Brown reports this survey is the latest one showing rising support for drilling, from consumers who are tired of rising gas prices.

The CNN/Opinion Research poll was conducted from June 26th – 29th and included more than 1,000 Americans.

July 4th