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On Day One: Distributed Generation and the Power Grid

[Climate Change Ideas for On Day One-part II] Today begins a week-long panel event I am participating in sponsored by grist.org and UN Dispatch. One new environmentally-themed idea will be covered each day with the panelists weighing-in with their thoughts to kick things off. Readers are then invited to engage and discuss the topic, with […]

June 23rd

British Fuel Prices: Situation Red.

What stared as a murmur of discontent is turning into an increasingly vocal chorus of protest as the British public begin to feel the pain of rising inflation, with already high fuel prices predicted to rise by as much as another 40% by the end of the year. With a tank of fuel for the […]

June 19th

Potential McCain Running Mate Florida Governor Charlie Crist Has Green Cred– Is it Deserved?

Florida Governor Charlie Crist endorsed John McCain right before the Florida Republican primary. His endorsement might have been a significant factor in McCain winning the Florida primary, and subsequently the Republican nomination. Speculation began immediately thereafter that Crist might make a great running mate for McCain, given his popularity in Florida, and his potential ability […]

June 18th

Senator Attacks Solar Energy Industry

In a blistering attack, Nevada’s Republican senator John Ensign has launched an offensive against solar energy lobbyists, ahead of a crucial vote on renewable energy tax credits. Breaking ranks with the the state’s increasingly important solar industry, Ensign said that efforts by the Solar Energy Industry Association to force his hand on tax breaks had […]

June 15th

McCain’s Plan to Combat Climate Change

Editor’s Note: This is a follow up post to Obama’s Plan to Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence. Regardless of who is elected next November, both candidates agree that climate change is a fact and not a theory. “I know that climate change is real,” said John McCain. “We can have a debate about how serious it […]

June 12th