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Rising US wind, solar, and other renewables expected to spur decline in fracked gas

Over the next two years, renewable energy sources are projected to generate a growing share of electricity in the U.S., according to a forecast shared Tuesday by the federal government, which expects a related decrease in production at fossil fuel-fired power plants. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Based on their analysis of trends in electricity generation, researchers at […]

January 19th

5 ways US states can get more electric school buses on the road

The recent enactment of the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in the United States is an important step on the path to cleaner school bus rides for the more than 20 million children who rely on an iconic yellow bus every day and a chance for states to follow with bold action. By Katrina McLaughlin and Justin Balik World […]

January 15th

A 21st-century reinvention of the electric grid is crucial for solving the climate change crisis

In the summer of 1988, scientist James Hansen testified to Congress that carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels was dangerously warming the planet. Scientific meetings were held, voluminous reports were written, and national pledges were made, but because fossil fuels were comparatively cheap, little concrete action was taken to reduce carbon emissions. By Charles F. […]

January 13th

Mining metals like lithium for renewable energy doesn’t HAVE to trash the environment

The use of renewable energy systems, such as solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars and hydrogen fuel cells, will minimize greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global warming. But use of these systems has to increase — and they require a lot of metal. The World Bank estimates that about three billion tonnes of metals like […]

January 12th

90% of new power plants built in 2021 were renewable

Electrification is gaining popularity, power plants need replacing, and there is a growing demand for clean energy resources. For those reasons, there is a constant buildout of shiny new electricity producers: wind turbines, solar panels, and gas plants. Also, more than ever before, electric customers are choosing to generate their own electricity with on-site solar […]

January 12th

The road to 100% renewable energy: What’s needed to modernize the US electricity grid?

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that President Biden signed into law last November is a down payment to modernize the electric grid in the United States, but it’s only a piece of what’s needed. The country needs a grid that is faster, more resilient and helps it meet its emissions reduction goals. As we enter 2022, it’s time for Congress […]

January 10th

Local Energy Rules Podcast: The long wait for community solar in Washington State

In the state of Washington, advocates hope that the third time’s the charm for passing community solar legislation. By Maria McCoy Institute for Local Self-Reliance  For this episode of the Local Energy Rules Podcast, host John Farrell speaks with Mason Rolph, President of Olympia Community Solar. In the absence of supportive state policy, Rolph has found […]

January 7th

Germany is one step closer to nuclear-free future as 3 of 6 power plants go offline

Green groups celebrated as Germany prepared to shut down three of its six remaining nuclear power plants, part of that country’s ambitious goal of transitioning to mostly renewable energy by the end of the decade. The nuclear phaseout—which was proposed by the center-left government of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder at the turn of the century and accelerated […]

January 4th

CCL: Faster transitions to clean energy are also cheaper

Several clean energy technologies like solar panels have become consistently cheaper year after year as the industries have benefited from learning, experience and economies of scale. Falling solar costs are described by “Swanson’s Law,” much like Moore’s Law described the rapid and consistent progress in the semiconductor industry. Solar photovoltaic cells in 2019 cost about 85% less per watt […]

December 12th

Earth Matters: Climate action gives new lease on life to California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

The announcement in 2016 that Diablo Canyon, the three-decade-old operation that is California’s last nuclear power plant, will be shuttered by 2025, brought cheers and objections. “This is an historic agreement,” said Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth, one of several groups who pushed for the shutdown, “It sets a date for the certain end […]

November 18th

COP26: experts react to the UN climate summit and Glasgow Pact

We asked experts from around the world for their reaction to the outcomes of this year’s UN climate summit, COP26, including the Glasgow Climate Pact agreed by all 197 countries attending the talks. Here’s what they had to say about the deals that were made. (This page will be updated as reactions come in.) Christina […]

November 14th

Solar panels on half the world’s roofs could meet its entire electricity demand

Rooftop solar panels are up to 79% cheaper than they were in 2010. These plummeting costs have made rooftop solar photovoltaics even more attractive to households and businesses who want to reduce their reliance on electricity grids while reducing their carbon footprints. By Siddharth Joshi, University College Cork; James Glynn, Columbia University, and Shivika Mittal, […]

October 19th

Earth Matters: Offshore wind, poultry pollution,

The United States is decades behind other nations when it comes to offshore wind, but the Biden administration plans to play catch-up with as many as seven offshore leases over the next four years. For the first time, regulators will auction leases in the Gulf of Maine, the Gulf of Mexico, and in the ocean off California […]

October 19th

Reconciliation bill will include a Clean Energy Standard (Let’s keep it TRULY clean)

As Democrats work to rapidly finalize the details of their $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, climate campaigners on Wednesday urged them to exclude fossil fuels and “false solutions” from a new clean energy program intended to cut down planet-heating emissions. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams Ahead of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s September 13 markup for […]

September 10th

Solar energy could provide 40% of US electricity within 15 years

Solar energy can rise from 3% of U.S. power generation today to 40% by 2035, and ultimately 50% by 2050, a new report from the Energy Department and National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows. By Nathan Kaufman Nexus Media News Falling costs have boosted solar growth over the past decade, so reaching that 40% threshold would […]

September 10th