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Renewable energy advocates in Texas learn to avoid saying “climate change”

Renewable energy, particularly wind power, has been hugely successful in Texas, thanks in large measure to a combination of federal, state, and local incentives that began more than two decades ago. Those incentives included both wind turbines and grid interconnection links, so the electricity generated by the winds in rural areas can power homes and […]

April 15th

Snappy answers to annoying electric vehicle questions

Now that I’ve been driving an electric vehicle (a Tesla Model S) around on a regular basis for a few weeks, I’m getting bored with the most common questions. Over and over again… By Zachary Shahan  “How far can you drive?” “How long does it take to charge?” “How fast can it go?” (max speed) “How […]

July 22nd

The Second Inaugural Address of President Barack Hussein Obama

We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations… THE WHITE HOUSE   Office of the Press Secretary _________________________________________________________________ EMBARGOED UNTIL DELIVERY January 21, 2013 Remarks of President Barack Obama – As Prepared for Delivery Inaugural Address Monday, January 21, 2013 […]

January 21st

The era of cheap coal is over

Guess what? Coal isn’t just bad for the environment. And bad for our children’s health. And the future of the planet. It turns out that coal is bad for business, too. Go figure. A new report from the Sierra Club takes a look at all the cute little assumptions, subsidies, and glossed-over costs, and points […]

June 28th

Steve Jobs and environmental innovation

Silicon Valley realizes the value and risks of innovation. Steve Jobs realized it too.
Now if only our lawmakers in Congress and luddites who think we should stay shackled to fossil fuels instead of innovating our way out of high energy prices, pollution, dependence on foreign oil and all the other problems that come with it would realize it as well.

October 7th

Despite Washington screw-ups, clean energy moves forward

Tea Party leaders like to paint clean energy and climate action as issues that matter only to elite Democrats living in coastal cities. This claim would come as a surprise to the 38,000 autoworkers building fuel efficient cars in Michigan, the 80 companies involved in the wind supply chain in Iowa, and the more than 100,000 Americans working in the solar industry across the nation.

October 5th

Fukushima update – Nuclear reactor nearly under control?

The next time an American company pushing nuclear power tells you “We have safeguards in place! We know what we’re doing! We can handle emergencies!” … keep this in mind:

It’s four months in to the Fukushima disaster, and some of the best engineers in the world have things “nearly under control” – which means the temperature is down to the boiling point of water, it’s not leaking too much, and it’s not going to explode (probably).

July 14th