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GM invests big in solar energy (and starts building ventilators)

Renewable energy developers are wilting under the economic pressure attending the COVID-19 crisis, but major US clean energy buyers are still keeping the decarbonization movement going. In the latest news on that score, General Motors has just announced a new clean power investment of 500,000 MWh in solar through the Michigan utility DTE, even as it makes […]

April 21st

Coronavirus: Could automakers retool to make ventilators? It’s not that simple.

Whether it’s part patriotism, part profit incentive, or part a desire to keep idled auto workers busy, the world’s automakers are saying they could begin making medical ventilators instead of cars. According to CNN, Ford released a statement Wednesday night saying, “As America’s largest producer of vehicles and top employer of autoworkers, Ford stands ready to help […]

March 21st

Tesla stock goes up 400%, then drops back… why?

I kind of just wanted this article to say, “Because company valuation almost never quadruples in four months and stays there,” but I figure that Zach wouldn’t consider that valuable Frugal Moogal analysis. This article will still be shorter than my usual fare, but here are some things to consider… Frugal Moogal Cleantechnica Market Volatility […]

February 6th

VW praises Tesla, commits to more renewable energy

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess went to Germany last week to participate in the annual World Economic Forum event. While there, he took the opportunity to sing the praises of Tesla. “I think it’s great to have good competition. We think that Tesla plays a very important role in the transition because they are paving the […]

January 25th

Tesla’s Elon Musk just became the longest-serving CEO in the auto industry

Ah, the callow and cocksure Elon Musk, the bad boy gamer from Silicon Valley, the brash, iconoclastic upstart who dares to challenge the time-tested titans of transportation! Would that be the same Elon Musk who recently became the longest-serving CEO in the global auto industry? By Charles Morris EVANNEX As Simon Alvarez writes in Teslarati (drawing on reporting […]

August 6th

US automakers warn Trump: Trashing CAFE emissions rules will actually suck

“Oh, woe! Alas, alack! Please, Mr. Trump, don’t roll back auto emissions rules too much, sir. Just a little bit. That’s all we’re asking.” That’s the message US automakers are sending to Washington these days as the Trump maladministration prepares to release new exhaust emission rules that will take this once great nation back to […]

June 9th

Range of EVs and the myth of the “City Car”

The myth of the modern “city car” originates from the makers of Swatch watches. They thought there should be a market for stylish, functional, small cars for city dwellers — the same kind of people who bought their watches. This “SwatchMobile” became the Daimler Smart car. It was very popular, mainly among journalists who found […]

January 20th

How to get Americans to buy EVs: Ford announces electric F150 pickup

Speaking to the press at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this week, Jim Farley, Ford’s president of global markets, said, “Here’s what’s going to happen next to future-proof that global juggernaut of commercial vehicles. We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series, both battery-electric and hybrid. And we’re doing the same for Transit. […]

January 18th

Not the Onion: GM and VW statements on their plan for EVs will leave you laughing

Big Auto’s executives have a long history of taking shots at Tesla. Now, two industry giants, VW and GM, have decided to dismiss the Silicon Valley automaker altogether and claim they’ll (instead) lead the EV revolution. Yet, their braggadocio, somehow, doesn’t seem to add up. Matt Pressman Larry Vellequette reports (via Automotive News Europe) that Volkswagen’s rhetoric about […]

January 18th

EVs: Big 3 automakers are missing their window to catch Tesla

As Tesla’s Model 3 continues to gain market share, legacy automakers face some daunting decisions. Bloomberg warns, “The future of the auto industry is going to look like the history of the cell phone … some of today’s dominant car companies will share the fate of a few former titans of the smartphone. Remember BlackBerry, Nokia, and Palm?” By Matt Pressman […]

January 9th