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President Obama addresses the nation: Town hall on racial justice TONIGHT at 5 pm

We work to help leaders change their world—and the world needs changing. The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the loss of far too many Black lives to list, have left our nation anguished and outraged. While now is a time for grief and anger, it is also a time for resolve. […]

Virginia Governor: Vote today for Climate Hawk Tom Perriello

Climate Hawks Vote is excited to announce an endorsement of Tom Perriello to be the next governor of Virginia, running on a platform of clean air, clean water, and clean government. The Democratic primary is today, June 13. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote We’re joining Senator Bernie Sanders and endorsing Tom for his bold […]

June 13th

Hillary Clinton rejects Trans-Pacific Partnership – pander or principle?

By Meteor Blades Some liberals expressed happy surprise Wednesday with Hillary Clinton’s announced opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which could make approval of TPP more difficult in a Congress where the majority of Democrats and some Republicans can be expected to oppose the agreement: “If Hillary Clinton, who worked on the Trans-Pacific Partnership as secretary […]

October 9th

Keystone XL – State Department says no major environmental impact (!)

Oh, the chutzpah. An environmental impact statement (written by a consulting firm under investigation for lying about their extensive oil-industry ties) has concluded that the Keystone XL pipeline will have zero effect on the environment and climate change. The ludicrous reasoning behind that assessment? “Approval or denial of any single project is unlikely to significantly […]

January 31st

SOTU 2013 reactions: The good, the bad and the ugly

Well, State of the Union 2013 is one for the history books, and now the post-mortems begin. Did President Obama hit one out of the park, or will he continue to be stuck in gridlock? Let’s take a look at some reactions from around the (green) world… …..More state of the Union coverage: The Green […]

February 12th

President Obama introduces new Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT IN THE NOMINATION OF SALLY JEWELL AS SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR (See our full article on Sally Jewell, “Obama breaks the rules, appoints nature-lover to Interior instead of oil-lover“) THE PRESIDENT:  Well, good afternoon, everybody. Ken Salazar likes to say that the Department of the Interior is actually the Department of […]

February 6th

Obama breaks the rules, appoints nature-lover to Interior instead of oil-lover

For the first time in memory, President Obama has appointed an environmentalist – REI’s Sally Jewell – to head the Interior Department. For as long as I can remember, whether Democrats or Republicans have been in power, the Department of the Interior has been pretty much owned by the extraction industries it’s supposed to regulate. With […]

February 6th

Bill McKibben: It’s past time we acted on climate change

(Bill McKibben, the Sierra Club, the Hip Hop Caucus and invite you to come to Washington DC on February 17th for a Presidents’ Day rally to pressure President Obama and Congress to actually do something about climate change. More information on the website.) By Bill McKibben Change usually happens very slowly, even once […]

January 10th

David Brin’s election round-up – The road ahead

By David Brin While I am relieved to have the U.S. election behind us, I’ll be disengaging from politics in stages. As a contrarian gadfly, I’m expected to toss some unusual, off-angle suggestions at both winners and losers. But first… a mere tad of gloating, plus some riffs about libertarians, marijuana, gay marriage, science and etcetera! 1) […]

November 12th

Election 2012: More Democrats in the House, but not enough.

How did we do in the House? It’ll be a while before we get the full answer. But here’s a rundown of a few key races. The GOP picked off 11 Democratic districts so far, while the Dems picked off 22, for a net gain of 11 so far (some districts remain un-called). The GOP […]

November 7th

Election night liveblog – Is it Obama or Romney? And what about the Senate and Congress?

We’ll be providing live coverage all night as the returns trickle in. On the one hand, the polling and exit polling are close, so it could be a very long night – especially if it all comes down to Ohio. On the other hand, Romney has very few paths to 270 electoral votes. So it’s […]

November 6th

Election 2012: David Brin’s last-minute political snippets

By David Brin For my second-to-last pre-election post, let’s offer up a potpourri of potent political snippets and graphics for the undecided, before I return to sum up the case for our Periclean Enlightenment. But first a reminder of these earlier, devastatingly fact-full, Big Picture overviews of the main issues. Democrats vs Republicans on foreign policy and war In […]

November 6th

Will Ferrell will do anything it takes to get you to vote (video)

Would you vote just because Will Ferrell asked you nicely and offered you perks? Well, okay, the perks Ferrell offers are probably bullshit. But he does ask nicely. But you WILL  get some pretty awesome perks that come along with voting for Obama and down-ballot Democrats, like: Clean air and water. More green jobs in […]

November 5th

Romney’s backers concede the election with new talking point: voter fraud

I’m a regular Facebook user, like many folks in my age bracket. I also follow politics, including Jeremy’s great posts here on Red Green and Blue and often “Like” and share them on Facebook. As a result, Facebook puts a good deal of political ads on my sidebar. Over the last 2 days I’ve seen […]

November 5th

Election 2012: 60 years of campaign ads in four minutes (video)

Sick of the current crop of campaign ads? Longing for the kinder, gentler days when the ads weren’t so high-tech and in-your-face? Or just looking for some contrast? Check out this video by Hugh Atkin, which gives you a 60-year smorgasbord of the best (and not-so-best) of campaign ads from Ike vs Stevenson up to […]

November 5th