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Obama Pushes Back with Renewed Focus on Energy

From Senator McCain blaming Barack Obama for high gas prices, to the House GOP’s recent (and ongoing) faux-libuster demanding an up-or-down vote on increasing domestic oil drilling, there’s no doubt that the Republican Party is pulling out all the stops to make oil the wedge issue in the upcoming election. But the Obama camp has begun a coordinated push-back and revealed the “New Energy Plan For America,” which Obama said would create 5 million new jobs and eliminate our need for Middle Eastern oil in 10 years.

August 4th

Potential McCain Running Mate Florida Governor Charlie Crist Has Green Cred– Is it Deserved?

Florida Governor Charlie Crist endorsed John McCain right before the Florida Republican primary. His endorsement might have been a significant factor in McCain winning the Florida primary, and subsequently the Republican nomination. Speculation began immediately thereafter that Crist might make a great running mate for McCain, given his popularity in Florida, and his potential ability […]

June 18th

Obama’s New Carolina Ad Rejects Gas Tax Break

[social_buttons]In a recent post, my colleague Jennifer Lance asked whether Hillary Clinton can take on big oil. Among other things, Jennifer concluded that despite the good intentions of Senator Clinton,”A gas tax holiday will not solve the problem of peak oil.” And that is exactly the same message the Obama campaign wants to deliver in […]

April 30th

Can Hillary Clinton Take on Big Oil?

Americans are feeling the pain of high gas prices; I just paid $4.20 a gallon at the pump in northern California. Needless to say, the presidential candidates are scrambling to be the savior of the gas guzzling voter. Both McCain and Clinton support suspending federal excise tax on gasoline and diesel fuel over the summer, […]

April 30th

Video: Obama on Climate and Energy

If you ask me, one of the best things about this election season thus far, is that voters who never thought their state’s caucus or primary would actually matter in deciding a presidential nominee, are finding out that they do matter – quite considerably. Our friends over at EnviroWonk did an excellent job of covering […]

April 11th

Tangled Up in Green: The 3 a.m. Call That Didn’t Get Through

It looks like Hillary Clinton has another “3 a.m.” political ad out. This time it’s about the economy. I’m not sure what it is about these ads that have captured the nation’s imagination; John McCain has his own version of it, and, of course, it inspired scores of parodies on YouTube and among late-night talk […]

April 3rd

Tangled Up in Green: NAFTA…Only If We Absolutely Hafta

I don’t know if you caught it, but the whole Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama flap over NAFTA exposed a dirty little secret: The North American Free Trade Agreement isn’t about American jobs or cheap Mexican labor—it’s about Canadian oil. Think as far back as two weeks ago. I know you can do it. Remember, Britney’s dad […]

March 13th

Clinton Takes Jabs at Obama’s Energy Policy

Obama Replies, “Scoreboard!” [social_buttons] As Barack Obama chalked up another primary victory Tuesday in Mississippi, Hillary Rodham Clinton challenged rival Barack Obama on his record on energy policy. Campaigning in Pennsylvania and speaking in the state capitol, Clinton accused Obama of being all talk and no walk, by suggesting that he voted for the 2005 […]

March 12th