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First used Tesla for sale! (Plus: Where’s Elon?)

It was inevitable. Somebody somewhere always has to have the first available new new thing and is willing to pay a premium to get it. Car dealers have been playing this game since the Eisenhower administration, slapping a surcharge on hot selling new models so they can soak those who absolutely must have the latest […]

January 2nd

10 myths about electric vehicles. What’s the real deal?

New ideas always make us nervous at first. Airplanes and automobiles were once considered dangerous but now are part of every day life. Electric vehicles are a relatively new idea. Some early adopters can’t wait to own one, but most people are still skeptical. By Steve Hanley If electric vehicles suddenly went mainstream, traditional auto makers […]

October 18th

EV Report (part 1) – Electric vehicles go mainstream

Electric cars aren’t new. At the dawn of the US auto industry in the late 1800s, electric vehicles outsold all other types of cars. By 1900, electric autos accounted for one-third of all vehicles on US roadways. Of the 4,192 vehicles produced in the US and tallied in the 1900 census, 1,575 were electric. By John Farrell Electric vehicle sales remained […]

October 9th

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello tweets to Elon Musk for help, Elon sends troops

The upside of Twitter showed in an exchange between Ricardo Rossello, the governor of Puerto Rico, and real-world Tony Stark Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Governor Rossello was seemingly sending a desperate plea of help to someone who gets turned to for that more and more. He was reaching out specifically about support rebuilding the collapsed grid in Puerto […]

October 6th

Rick Perry’s latest: $5.7 million from the Energy Dept for cutting-edge batteries

Rick Perry’s Energy Department has been steadily pushing the Trump Administration deeper into clean tech territory, regardless of President* Trump’s pro-coal rhetoric. In the latest development, the Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory announced a new round of $5.7 million in funding for next-generation energy storage technology, aimed squarely at driving down the cost of […]

August 9th

Tesla Model 3 will be the first mass-market electric vehicle

Many milestones have been laid out for electric vehicles and we have celebrated them all: 100,000 sold, 500,000, 1 million…  We are still very much in the very early ‘innovators’ portion of the curve, but the Tesla Model 3 changes things. By Kyle Field  Initially, enthusiasts hoped the Chevy Bolt would be the first to crack […]

August 4th