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New Technology Will Enhance Biofuel Potential

Sugarcane is currently the best crop for biofuel. In the regions where it can grow it is extremely productive.  Sugarcane ethanol production is typically 8-10 times as efficient as Corn ethanol. But sugarcane, like many other plants, is vegetatively propagated, or cloned, not grown from seeds.  It is very difficult and slow to breed for desirable […]

January 19th

Right And Left Agree: OK To Risk Starvation Of The Poor

The anti-climate-science politicians from the Right and the anti-technology activists from the Left are independently, but quite successfully, increasing the risk of malnutrition and/or starvation for the poorest people of the world.  This may not be their intended agenda, but it is the likely outcome from what they are doing. Another food price spike looming […]

November 15th

A Sad Day For Wine. A Sad Day for Science

As a grape grower and as a scientist who has spent years studying grape diseases,  I was saddened to read that an experimental planting of biotech grapes was ripped out of the ground yesterday by anti-GMO activists.  It was a government-funded site in the quaint town of Colmar, in far Eastern France  (I’ve been to […]

August 17th

“Food Politics:” A New Book Well Worth Reading

[social_buttons] The Political Scientist, Robert Paarlberg (Wellsley, Harvard – Weatherhead Center for International Affairs) has just published a new book (Oxford University Press) titled, “Food Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know.”  I would recommend it highly to anyone who cares about international food issues, sustainability and the like.  It is a succinct, easy to read, but well-documented […]

April 27th