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Ecoright Speaks podcast, episode 12: former GOP Ohio Governor John Kasich

Like you, we want to feel confident – not conflicted – as conservatives seeking action on climate change. That’s why we created the EcoRight Speaks podcast, to amplify the voices of confident conservative leaders on this key issue. This week, we talk with former Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich.   By Chelsea Henderson […]

September 1st

Ecoright News climate change week in review, June 12, 2020

Welcome to Climate Week En Review. I’m your host, Chelsea Henderson, only slightly bruised from the negative responses to last week’s email. That was me practicing my podcast voice, because readers… the first episode of our EcoRight Speaks podcast is being finalized as I write. See below for more. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN NEW PODCAST—EcoRight […]

June 12th

GOP climate hawk Bob Inglis responds to the National Climate Assessment and “solution aversion”

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the U.S. Global Change Research Program released the Fourth National Climate Assessment, which Congress requires to be issued every four years. The product of 300 scientific experts working under the guidance of a 60-member federal advisory committee, the report was open to review by the public, 13 federal agencies and a […]

December 2nd

Climate Change Action: 13 GOP senators pushing Trump to act on HFCs

A group of 13 GOP senators, led by Louisiana’s Sen. John Kennedy and Maine’s Sen. Susan Collins, are leading a push for President Donald Trump to approve the treaty amendment geared at phasing out harmful hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). HFCs are a potent greenhouse gas found primarily in refrigerants and air conditioners. The Kigali Amendment to the 1987 Montreal Protocol sets out a timeline for reducing use and […]

June 18th

Could concern for climate change fuel a post-Trump conservative sea-change?

Yesterday, E&E ran a story about Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, a supposedly rare Republican who accepts climate science. Instead of embracing any sort of climate friendly policies, however, Cassidy prefers to throw his weight behind fossil fuels–specifically natural gas. By Climate Denier Roundup In practice, this is hardly different from denial. After all, if your answer to […]