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California utilities refuse ‘free money’ for water debt relief

California water utilities could leave families high and literally dry by refusing to apply for nearly $1 billion in water debt relief for their customers before the December 6 deadline, Capital and Main reports. A quarter of California households were behind on their drinking water bill in August and the state’s shutoff moratorium lifts January […]

November 30th

Old phone cable containing 63 tons of toxic lead will be removed from Lake Tahoe

Anglers, divers and other residents of the Lake Tahoe Basin have reason to celebrate. Under a settlement agreement finalized this month in federal court in Sacramento, AT&T’s PacBell subsidiary will remove eight miles of decrepit telephone cable from Lake Tahoe, where it has been leaching toxic lead into the iconic lake’s water for decades. The cable […]

November 28th

Earth Matters: Climate action gives new lease on life to California’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant

The announcement in 2016 that Diablo Canyon, the three-decade-old operation that is California’s last nuclear power plant, will be shuttered by 2025, brought cheers and objections. “This is an historic agreement,” said Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth, one of several groups who pushed for the shutdown, “It sets a date for the certain end […]

November 18th

Fishery biologist Tom Cannon: Delta smelt are “likely virtually extinct in the wild”

I have reported every year for over a decade on the results of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fall Midwater Trawl Survey. For the past three years, no Delta smelt, once the most abundant fish in the entire Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, have been found in this survey. None have been found in the […]

November 18th

California joins the international Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance as a second-tier member

A coalition of environmental justice, public interest and climate groups announced Thursday that the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) at the COP26 Conference in Glasgow that California will join as an “associate” member, a secondary tier of membership for those yet to commit to end new drilling for oil and gas.   By Dan […]

November 13th

In drought-stricken CA, oil industry consumed 4.6 billion gallons of fresh water for extraction in just 3 years

The FracTracker Alliance has released a new report on water use by the oil and gas industry in California:… By Dan Bacher “We found that the oil and gas industry consumed over 4.6 billion gallons of freshwater for extraction operations in California during the 3 year period from 2018-2020,” said Kyle Ferrar, author of the report. […]

November 11th

Instead of shutting down dangerous Aliso Canyon methane storage, it could be increased today!

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on Thursday, November 4, will vote on two proposals that will determine the future of natural gas storage at SoCalGas’ Aliso Canyon storage facility and whether its capacity will be increased. By Dan Bacher The first proposal would increase the storage capacity limit to 100% allowable capacity at 68.6 billion cubic […]

November 4th

Atmospheric river storms can drive costly flooding – and climate change is making them stronger

  By Tom Corringham, University of California San Diego The Conversation Ask people to name the world’s largest river, and most will probably guess that it’s the Amazon, the Nile or the Mississippi. In fact, some of Earth’s largest rivers are in the sky – and they can produce powerful storms, like the ones now […]

October 26th

This is what cascading climate disasters look like – Bomb cyclone heads for California’s wildfire burn scars, raising risk of mudslides

Officials issued evacuation orders for people living downhill from several of California’s wildfire burn scars on Oct. 24, 2021, as a powerful storm system known as an atmospheric river began to drench the West Coast. While the storm brings much-needed water to a region in the midst of an historic drought, and should significantly lower […]

October 25th

Activists bring motion to ban dirty fossil fuel money, but California Dem Party dithers

Yesterday, the California Democratic Party once again blocked an activist-brought motion to get fossil fuel money out of elections. This has been a huge problem, as fossil fuel interests have dumped millions of dollars into candidate coffers (and reaped billions in rewards – see “Big oil lobbying money turns California the WRONG kind of green”). […]

October 25th

Moving beyond America’s war on wildfire: 4 ways to avoid future megafires

Californians have been concerned about wildfires for a long time, but the past two years have left many of them fearful and questioning whether any solutions to the fire crisis truly exist. By Susan Kocher, University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Ryan E. Tompkins, University of California, Division of Agriculture and […]

October 24th

California issues draft rule banning oil wells within 3200 feet of homes and schools

After years of grassroots organizing, protests and political pressure, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced at a press conference today that the Department of Conservation’s Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) has released a proposed regulation that would prohibit new wells and facilities within a 3,200-foot “exclusion area” – or setback – from homes, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other […]

October 21st

Oil Money Out! Sunrise Movement leads demonstration to get fossil fuel money out of California Democratic politics

Activists from the youth-based Sunrise Movement throughout California will march from CalSTRS in West Sacramento to the State Capitol in Sacramento on Friday, Oct. 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m to demand that the California Democratic Party (CADEM) Executive Board vote to ban fossil fuel and law enforcement contributions to the Party. By Dan Bacher California […]

October 21st

Yurok Tribe of California urges support for plan to manage Trinity River in a ‘more holistic manner’

The Yurok Tribe, the largest Indian Tribe in California, is urging Yurok Citizens and Allies to voice their support for a plan to manage the Trinity River, the largest tributary of the Klamath River, in a “more holistic manner.” By Dan Bacher In a statement issued yesterday, the Tribe said it “fully supports the Trinity River Winter Flow Variability […]

October 15th

We told you so – California’s ocean waters and coast still aren’t protected from big oil spills!

I wrote the below article in 2010 warning of the consequences of not protecting the ocean from oil spills, oil drilling, pollution and all human impacts other than fishing and gathering in the “marine protected areas” created under the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative. This article warned of the consequences of allowing a Big […]

October 14th