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In victory for anti-tarsands activists, TransCanada scraps Energy East Pipeline

TransCanada, the “energy transfer company” responsible for getting the incredibly dirty diluted bitumen oil from the tar sands in western Canada, and also potentially Bakken crude, to refineries in Quebec City and St. Johns, New Brunswick, has notified the Canadian government that it is cancelling its proposed Energy East pipeline project, citing slowing growth in […]

October 6th

Nebraska puts up a new roadblock for Keystone Pipeline

By Meteor Blades Fall-out from the ruling of a Nebraska district court judge Wednesday could postpone President Obama’s long-awaited decision on allowing construction of Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline a while longer, perhaps beyond the November election, a number of analysts say. That possibility comes at the same time the president’s remarks about what he said to Canadian Prime […]

February 21st

Canadian Election Results

This will be tricky… there’s a law on the books the prevents the dissemination of election results before all the polls are closed, and Canada is a biiig country.

Polls have closed in Newfoundland, but they won’t close in BC until 10 pm Eastern time. So we’ll report what we can as things trickle in.

May 2nd

Canadian Election: Progressives, Greens poised for surprise upset

Canada’s voters go to the polls Monday, after an election campaign full of surprises. Barely a month ago the left was in disarray and the ruling Conservative Party looked headed toward a majority. Instead, it’s the left/socialist New Democratic Party that has surged, and the Greens may pick up their first elected Member of Parliament.

April 29th

Salmon farms are the filthy feedlots of the sea

At the Canada/Norway Olympic hockey game this week, the Pure Salmon Campaign was out in force, telling people “No Way Norway”. It’s part of their Global Week of Action on the problem of farmed salmon. Why Norway? Because Norwegian companies control most of the world’s salmon farms. The Pure Salmon Campaign wants those farms removed from […]

February 22nd