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Learning from the contentious history of carbon removal

Large-scale carbon dioxide removal (CDR), also referred to as “negative emissions”, is increasingly seen as a key component of climate change mitigation pathways that limit warming to 1.5C or 2C. By Dr Wim Carton  and Prof Jens Friis Lund Carbon Brief Its prominence in global pathways derived from technologically focused integrated assessment models has spurred a growing scientific […]

September 9th

Carbon Capture: An effective climate change solution may lie in rocks beneath our feet

Why has Earth’s climate remained so stable over geological time? The answer just might rock you. Rocks, particularly the types created by volcanic activity, play a critical role in keeping Earth’s long-term climate stable and cycling carbon dioxide between land, oceans and the atmosphere. Weathering of rocks like these basalt formations in Idaho triggers chemical processes […]

July 18th

Could direct air capture of CO2 work? IF so, we have to invest in carbon capture tech NOW

Congress recently approved at least $35 million for research and development of direct air capture technology and $60 million overall for research into carbon dioxide removal technologies. This is the first time direct air capture – a type of technology that pulls greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere for storage elsewhere – has received this level […]

June 11th

House GOP rolls out carbon capture bills

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, flanked by Rep. Garret Graves and other clean energy allies, rolled out the first tranche of GOP climate bills, intended at carbon capture, one of the tools for managing emissions. “They’re positive, they fit in a conservative mantle,” House Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Greg Walden said of the bills, which include incentives for tree […]

February 18th

Tesla cuts MILLIONS of tons of CO2 pollution (threatening a $trillion industry)

Tesla indicates there has been no “unintended acceleration” in its vehicles (aside from unintended acceleration caused by the drivers accidentally stepping on the accelerator pedal, which happens occasionally in all vehicles). However, something else destructive might have been intended by unintended acceleration claims, and not by Tesla. I want to zoom out right quick and paint a […]

January 23rd

Carbon Engineering’s air-to-fuel fig leaf (a Cleantechnica case study)

(This article originally appeared on the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation website. It’s being reprinted here as CleanTechnica releases the case study on Carbon Engineering’s air-to-fuel and enhanced oil recovery technology). Promoted by numerous attention-grabbing headlines of late, the technology called air-carbon capture (ACC) is having a moment in the sun. But all the hype is encountering dark clouds of […]

October 29th

Green New Deal: Environmentalists divide over carbon capture

Environmental activists are teaming up with fresh faces in Congress to advocate for a Green New Deal, a bundle of policies that would fight climate change while creating new jobs and reducing inequality. Not all of the activists agree on what those policies ought to be. Some 626 environmental groups, including Greenpeace, the Center for Biological […]

February 4th

Green New Deal: Sorry, there’s no place here for nuclear energy (or biofuels or carbon capture)

The Green New Deal and multiple proposed laws and resolutions in the U.S. House (HRes.540, HR.3314, HR.3671) and Senate (SRes.632, S.987) call for the United States to move entirely from fossil fuels to clean, renewable electricity and/or all energy. A new bill was just introduced by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) and Rep. Jimmy […]

January 25th